Today is the day we set aside to give thanks for all we have and the people in our lives that we cherish……

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I would like to give thanks to all my followers, visitors and commenters…..I never thought that this project would be up and running after 12 years……I started my blog on Blogger (no compensation) it was titled “Studies and Observations” after about 18  months a switched over to Word Press and change the title to “In Saner Thought” which was the title of a self-published book of poetry of mine in the 1970s…..

I will do very little today but cook and then go to my daughter’s house for the meal…..turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, Made from scratch Mac and Cheese, green bean casserole, green peas, cranberry sauce (jellied not whole berry) bread and gravy with peach cobbler for dessert……and after the meal we will sit around the table in their garden and drink a bit of sherry and/or brandy……I would play golf but I would rather have my toes removed one at a time……NO!  I will sit on my ass and enjoy the day and my granddaughter…..

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So thank you every one……I cannot express my appreciation for you all in mere words….

Let us not forget about our troops that are fighting endless wars and that are away from their families on this day for families…..give thanx that they are on duty and on watch……

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Image result for troops and thanksgiving images

Image result for troops and thanksgiving images

This will be my only post today……I hope all have a very good day and a  restful day……enjoy your food, family and football and I will be back tomorrow (even if it is Black Friday)……tomorrow will be a light posting day as well……”Honey dos” and such……chuq

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15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving–2018

  1. I would also like to thank the troops for protecting the oil wells and oil lines in desert crap holes so that us Amerikans can enjoy reasonable prices at the pumps. — and, Oh by the way — a very happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

    1. You should thank the turds in government they are the ones that send the troops blame them for nothing…..the prices are because of Fracking and not the “crap holes” you hate….peace out chuq

      1. Alrighty then — I wish to thank the Turds as well. And, oh by the way, the “Troops” are all volunteers and they should know the risks before signing on the dotted line. They are never “Sent” to anywhere they do not wish to be.

      2. You seem to be down om them because they volunteer…..very few do it out of patriotism these days……they do it for the promise of a better life from their country…..a lie as usual…whether draftee or volunteer….a lie is a lie….chuq

      3. There are no draftees that I know of although I have always contended that some people with time to serve in jail ought to be given the opportunity to get drafted to work off their sentences. — I am not “Down” on the volunteers but I am down on people who seem to think that the “Volunteers” are somehow victimized by the very government they have elected to wear the uniform for. Nobody who volunteers is victimized. I am sure there are no volunteers who are unaware of what the government does with Troops and how it uses them and where it sends them so it is also my contention that no volunteer has any gripes coming if they do not happen to like the assignments they receive …

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