Closing Thought–01Nov18

With all the yelling, debate and screaming about the birthright cancellation that the President has stated….I have one thing to say……

I say fine but start at the top.

Enough Said!

Of course this is not the same thing……that will be the tale they tell….

Turn The Page!

16 thoughts on “Closing Thought–01Nov18

    1. I know and there are others too…..Nikki Haley one parent….I think I heard the Donald’s mother was not a citizen when he was born….Rubio…..and the beat goes on….chuq

      1. This week Opra, Obama, Trump and Pence are all coming to Georgia to campaign. Not on the same plane, I assume. Real tense elections here.

  1. Your whole country is built on immigration, so I am very confused about all the fuss.
    Maybe it is only the ‘right kind’ of immigrants who are Americans?
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Perhaps they could have something like a new ‘Ellis Island’ at the southern border? That vision of the ‘American Dream’ seems to be coming home to roost, and not always in a good way.
        Regards, Pete.

      1. My own story is a humble rags to riches to poverty and back to riches story and would be interesting to absolutely no one.

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