We Can Pretend…

..But with or without Kavanaugh there will be nothing changed when it comes to abortion.

We have had good judges and then we have had the ones we have today.

These judges are the referees of our republic and yet it has come down to ideology not the rule of law.  The judges are voting, for the most part, along party lines not whether a law is beneficial or restrictive to the population.

As the midterm elections speed towards us, defeated Americans hope for a ‘blue wave’ of Democrats to save us. Republicans, who align across the board with President Trump’s corporate ecocide agenda, want to push through Trump’s despicable Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh before a potential blue wave. Republicans may not trust Donald Trump, but they agree with him on the issues and will take whatever gains he has provided the party.

Trump has called his nominee Kavanaugh a man of outstanding intellect. Such a phrase coming from Trump is enough to make anyone giggle. It’s like the tortoise saying the sloth is extremely fast. It all depends on the perspective.

Whenever Trump cozies up to someone it always makes me uneasy. For one, it is always so over the top it becomes clear Trump has never given a genuine compliment to anyone in his life. Even more troubling would be the character of the person Trump is complimenting. If he finds something redeemable about you, you should take a long look in the mirror.


I beginning to think that the Supreme Court is a colossal waste of time and money….why not just banish these spineless partisan hacks and just let the elections decide what the laws of the country will be and who gets screwed by them.

Of course I am being a bit bombastic here….but you get what I am railing about, right?

4 thoughts on “We Can Pretend…

  1. I on’t really see why you need a politically appointed Supreme Court at all. Maybe it’s just for the media to have something else to report on?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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