SCOTUS Famous Rulings

SCOTUS is in the news daily these days and the American people are getting healthy dose of legal mumbo jumbo……but let us go to the court….to most Americans there are two “famous” court rulings that they are aware of……Roe v. Wade or Brown v Board of Education……..beyond those two ask about others and the sound of crickets prevail.

Because I am a helluva guy I will help my readers get to know the history of the court……

The Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage instantly will enter the pantheon of landmark Supreme Court cases, and for good reason. It settles the major civil rights issue of the early 21st century.

Your history lesson is  now complete… now have at your finger tips the knowledge you will need for Trivial Pursuit or some Pub Game on a Wednesday Nite……

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5 thoughts on “SCOTUS Famous Rulings

  1. Damn, chuq.. did you see our Chief Dildo at the UN.. starting his (lame) speech, and the entire hall laughing at him when he tried bragging about his accomplishments? And this is making America great again???
    I get so enraged with this ass. Ugh!
    (I think my TV learned a whole new language from me today) 🙂

      1. How about we do a two-man march on Washington.. sit in a couple lawn chairs in front of the White House, drink beer all day, holding “Dump Trump” signs… hand out interviews to the networks.. and tell stories about how Trump has anally abused us and the nation (in order to get #MeToo sympathy)?

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