Closing Thought–25Sep18

Our Dear Leader has been waging his trade war for a little over 2 months…..some are happy with the events……while others are finding it difficult to earn a living with the tariffs and stuff…..

Farmers are needing help…..and another industry is finding these tariffs a bit hard to swallow……

The American lobster industry is starting to feel the pinch of China’s tariff on US seafood as exporters and dealers cope with sagging prices, new financial pressures, and difficulty sending lobsters overseas, the AP reports. China is a major buyer of lobsters, and it imposed a heavy tariff on exports from the US in early July amid trade hostilities between the two superpowers. Exporters in the US say their business in China has dried up since then. Wholesale prices for live lobsters have also dipped a bit as dealers have lost markets. Prices in July and August were both slightly less than the same month in the previous year, business publisher Urner Barry reported.

One exporter, The Lobster Co. of Arundel, Maine, resorted to laying off four people, which constituted 25% of its wholesale staff, says Stephanie Nadeau, the company’s owner. “I can cut my variable costs and tuck my head in and see if this storm passes,” she says. “What they’ve done is made it so everybody is fighting over the remaining customers. Price goes down, margins go down.” China applied the tariffs to a suite of American seafood products, including tuna and crab. It made the move at a time when many Chinese are acquiring a taste for American lobster. China’s American lobster imports grew from $108.3 million in 2016 to $142.4 million last year, and the country barely imported any American lobster a decade ago.

Lagging prices may help the consumer but does little for the struggling fisherman……

Keep that in mind when you make that trip to your local Red Lobster”….who I am kidding….Americans have NO social conscience any more…it is all me,me, me!



10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–25Sep18

  1. Wait until all of the Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores go out of business. And Walmart has nothing to sell or prices go up, because of these tariffs. But hey, everybody wanted to “burn everything down”…by putting a lunatic in the White House. They will reap what they sow.

    1. If the Big Box Stores go down, something else will take their place because the lure of money is too great. Somebody will always come on the scene to fill the gaps left by those who fall by the way and some of the greed mongers who fall by the way deserve their fate and I have no sympathy for any of them. Some of them have picked my pockets long enough and I am now looking for new sources for the things I need. And I “Need” very little because I have used my head and worked my fingers to the bone over the years and laid in enough of this world’s goods to get through almost any storm that may come. If others have not done the same, then I say “Too Bad” because it is not like they did not have the same opportunities that I and every other American have been blessed to have. The world will always have whining idiots who are never satisfied with anything in good times or bad.

  2. First the farmers, now the fishermen. And from the other room, I hear Mr Trump on the news talking about the unprecedented economic boom in America…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Markets are doing well….Main Street workers are making about the same as they did 10 years ago….so depends where the person sits….chuq

      Pete I have been watching the scallop war between the UK and France…..chuq

  3. I do not eat lobster at chain restaurants and as to the rest of the commiserations here, America has had varied challenges from almost every administration ever to hold office and has come through them all in fairly good condition … Americans are very much able to bend to the demands of conditions and to fight their way through. All this nonsense going on in and around Washington and in the media is just a temporary picture, a snapshot of History, and in no time at all, these present ridiculous obsessions will have passed into the dustbins of time and something new will rear up to replace all the present concerns and so it goes .. on and on and on …and here we are.

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