Really Bad Military Leaders

This history lesson could turn into a graduate dissertation….so to limit the size of the post we will talk about military leaders of the firearms era….

On August 16, 1812, General William Hull of the U.S. Army surrendered Fort Detroit to an inferior English force.  American forces numbered about 2,100, while the combined English and Native American forces only numbered just over 1,300.  Hull was court-martialed, convicted and sentenced to death.  Luckily President Madison gave him a reprieve.  History is full of military blunders and dunderheads,

read on……

Allow me to expand this post a bit…..

If you are ever in Paris then I recommend a visit to the Louvre, a top notch museum…think Mona Lisa, The Thinker, Gaugin, van Gogh, etc…..

But the site has not always been a museum……in the past it has been a fort and a palace…..

Pairing a priceless permanent collection with a captivating history, it is no wonder why Paris’ Musée du Louvreis the most visited museum in the world. Though it is renowned for its role as a major arts institution, it has not always exhibited masterpieces during its 800 years of existence.

Before housing famous sculptures and paintings, the Louvre was home to France’s kings and queens. And prior to its stint as a palace, it was a fortress intended to protect the city of Paris from invasions. Here, we explore the museum’s unique history, tracing its fascinating evolution from medieval castle to world-class art museum.

That is the history lesson for the time being….you know more is to come…..

Class Dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Really Bad Military Leaders

  1. Those British generals take some beating as failures. Losing Singapore was a military disgrace, and an example of sheer cowardice on the part of the commander. And our WW1 generals should have been arrested and tried.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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