The Assassination Of Huey Long

I feel compelled to help my fellow Americans to learn the history that is left out of most history books…….history is interesting as well as fascinating….there is something for everyone.

On this day, September 8 in 1935 an assassin shot and killed presidential candidate Huey Long of Louisiana.

On this day in 1935, a Sunday, Sen. Huey Long was shot in the Louisiana state Capitol by the son-in-law of a political enemy. He died about 30 hours later at age 42. News of Long’s death made headlines around the world. Some 200,000 mourners flocked to Baton Rouge for the funeral.

Branded a demagogue by his critics, Long was a larger-than-life figure who boasted that he bought legislators “like sacks of potatoes, shuffled them like a deck of cards.” He dubbed himself “The Kingfish,” saying: “I’m a small fish here in Washington. But I’m the Kingfish to the folks down in Louisiana.”

A fascinating individual…some called him a socialist, others a populist and his popularity was amazing especially in his home state of Louisiana …….

Huey Long was a fiery and charismatic Louisiana politician who moved up the ranks at a young age. Branded a demagogue and radical by his opponents, and known for turning his back on established processes to gain political victories, Long controlled a vast political machine in the name of courting working class and poor constituents.

There are those that say that Long was targeted by FDR because he was so popular and was gaining in the presidential polls.

Long did much for Louisiana……built roads, schools took on oil industry and made them pay taxes to be used for education and schools….Long was a colorful figure from the history of the South….his story makes excellent reading.

If you are interested in this American politician than a visit to a website dedicated to him and his story is available……all things Huey Long……

In closing of this post a short musical interlude from Randy Newman in honor of Huey “the Kingfish” Long…..

*****Warning:  The “N” word is used in the song below…if you are offended then you might pass on the video.*****

In closing I would like to let you guys hear some more of Randy Newman and the “Good Old Boys” album….warning the “N” word is used but please listen to the words before you condemn for Newman makes fun the “Rednecks” of the South of the past……

Just had to drop some local history on you, my readers ….now time for my Saturday to kick off with those damn “honey dos”…..


4 thoughts on “The Assassination Of Huey Long

  1. I have heard reference to ‘Kingfish’ in films set in the 30s, but not sure if that’s associated with the senator.
    Thanks for the slice of history, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I read the book All the King’s Men. Not sure but it may have been a college course assignment. I took a course in Southern Literature and another in Southern history. My literature profession had some obsession with Falkner and we read some of his books and stories. Professioner was called by other profession as “that agrarian” Not as a compliment.

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