Sneakers Are Burning

I guess this is my second Closing Thought–07Sep18

Now if you have been smart and stayed away from the TV then you may not know what I am going on about…..the truth is I was not going to take part in this story for I believe it is just a diversion from more important stuff.  But after all that was happening around the story I felt the need for comment.

Nike has taken its own advice to “Just Do It”—with the “It” being “Get involved in the NFL national anthem controversy.” The company, days before the start of the new football season, has signed up former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the face of the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign, CNN reports. Kaepernick, who has been unable to get a new NFL contract since taking a knee for the anthem in the 2016 season to protest racial injustice, tweeted a photo from the campaign with the caption: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” A roundup of coverage:

  • “Top bracket.” Kaepernick’s existing deal with Nike had been about to expire when it was renegotiated for the new campaign; a source tells the AP that Kaepernick’s compensation will be similar to that of the top bracket of NFL players on Nike’s books—and the deal also includes a Kaepernick apparel line and donations to his charity, Know Your Rights.
  • The backlash begins. Not every Nike wearer was thrilled about the move, with some so outraged that they filmed themselves destroying their Nike gear, Metro reports. Twitter user Sean Clancy posted a video of himself incinerating his Nike shoes, complaining that the company had forced him “to choose between my favorite shoes and my country.” The hashtags #BoycottNike and #JustBurnIt started trending Monday.
  • Cutting swooshes. Country singer John Rich tweeted a picture of his soundman, a former Marine who had “just cut the Nike swoosh off his socks.” “Get ready to multiply that by the millions,” Rich warned.
  • Worth it? Nike, which has been battling Adidas to sign top players, is gambling that signing Kaepernick will be worth a backlash that is expected to include the president, Bloomberg reports. “The long-term relationship and a contract that benefits both parties over the next 10 years will likely outweigh any current controversy,” says Bloomberg analyst Chen Grazutis.
  • Athletes side with Kaepernick. Numerous fellow athletes and other celebrity spoke out in support of Kaepernick on Monday, reports Al Jazeera. #IMWITHKAP,” tweeted Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenney Stills.
  • Ahmadinejad, Cruz get involved. In what WFAA describes as a “new height of bizarreness” in the controversy, former Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tweeted Monday that it was a shame Kaepernick, “one of the best Quarterbacks in the league,” didn’t have a playing contract. Sen. Ted Cruz then tweeted that the agreement of Ahmadinejad suggested that the NFL, Nike, and Beto O’Rourke, his Democratic challenger, “are all on the wrong side of the American people.”
  • Tillman, too. Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinal killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004, was cited by conservative commentators including Fox’s Stephen Miller as somebody who would have been a better face for the campaign, WBIR reports. Critics said Tillman would have supported players’ right to protest, or suggested he be left out of the debate instead of “weaponized.”

You Tube blew up with idiots setting their Nikes on fire…..goes to show that most Americans have more  money than brains.  They are destroying a $100+ shoe because of something an orange idiot had to say.

Personally I think if you had to protest why not give your Nikes to someone who needed shoes like a homeless veteran?……but wait that action would not give one that You Tube moment that they desire.

If they do not agree with what this man did, Kaepernick, then protests like this school in Arkansas……

Nike uniforms are vestimenta non grata at the College of the Ozarks after the company’s Colin Kaepernick ad campaign. The private Christian college in Missouri announced Thursday that its athletic teams will no longer buy Nike uniforms and any it has now will be removed, the Kansas City Star reports. In a statement, college president Jerry C. Davis accused Nike execs of “promoting an attitude of division and disrespect toward America” with the Kaepernick campaign. “If Nike is ashamed of America, we are ashamed of them,” Davis said. “We also believe that those who know what sacrifice is all about are more likely to be wearing a military uniform than an athletic uniform.”

Nike, which aired a Kaepernick-narrated ad during the NFL season opener, is “free to campaign as it sees fit,” just as the college is free “to ensure that it respects our country and those who truly served and sacrificed,” says Marci Linson, the school’s vice-president for patriotic activities. President Trump also criticized Nike and NFL anthem protests Thursday. “I don’t like what Nike did. I don’t think it’s appropriate what they did,” he said before a rally in Montana. The AP reports that there were no “clear-cut protests” during the season opener, in which the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons 18-12. Sources say Kaepernick watched the ad’s premiere from Nike headquarters in Oregon.

They chose to not use Nike products… excellent protest.

This whole thing is silly….Nike is getting all the free publicity they can use….and Our Dear Leader is helping their sales “yugely”……

Burning Nikes is about as moronic as the old days of pouring French wine down the drain because of something they did or said…..or to a lesser extent re-naming French Fries as “Freedom Fries”.

All in all a stupid knee jerk reaction to something that needs no response.

A few closing thoughts…….

“I am patient with stupidity but not those that are proud of it”

“Nothing worse than aggressive stupidity”

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance”

“It is a shame that stupidity is not more painful”

“Do not cater to stupidity”

I must shut down the mind for the day…..I dearly wish everyone have a great evening.  chuq


30 thoughts on “Sneakers Are Burning

  1. Well said; I can only reiterate previous comments, all boiling down to “Politics is poopadoodle.” When politics gets mixed in with business interests, especially those that thrive on vicarious thrills such as football, basketball, etc. (Billions & billions of dollars wasted on fantasy), and the ever-present stupidity of humanity at large, it clearly reaches towering heights of bizarre insanity….

    Well worth ignoring…

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. You know. nobody hates on the memory of Muhammad Ali and he was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War. He was kicked out of boxing and not allowed to earn a living, and yet he remained a legendary figure for sticking to his beliefs. The world respected him for that.

    Colin Kapernick is protesting the police killing unarmed civilians during arrests and we know for a fact there is a serious problem going on there. There is no better reason that I could think of to protest, and people are flipping the f*(& out over a man kneeling during the anthem? They act like he is leading a sit-down in the middle of a downtown street or a interstate highway. They act like he is burning the flag in a giant bonfire.

    The anthem is not the flag being desecrated by being thrown on the ground, trampled, or set on fire. It’s a SONG. It is not damaged at all if people kneel instead of stand. Kneeling does not even indicate defiance or disrespect as a posture, people do it every Sunday in all kinds of Christian churches last I checked.

    It’s a smart way to protest that harms NO ONE, puts NO ONE at any risk, cause NO PROPERTY DAMAGE, and does not even inconvenience a single person. It doesn’t even put other people out on the street to be beat up, shot with rubber bullets or tear gas by the cops that apparently can’t be trusted not to act like a bunch of judge-jury-executioners now, yet people are coming unglued over it?

    Really??? Are they protesting a guy for saying “hey! stop killing people!” or are they protesting the RIGHT TO PROTEST?

    More and more the dialogue completely ignores WHY Kaepernick was protesting in the first place. It becomes all about burning shoes. It becomes all about the NFL (which doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for itself as an organization any more than it does for standing up for its players Rights) and Nike’s shares and profit margins.

    Go ahead burn the shoes and the rest of the gear.
    Other people are going to go buy those $100 shoes because someday…those bitches are going to be Collector’s items.

    1. I mostly agree. However, I’m pretty sure Ali did NOT use his anti-Vietnam War stance as a way to pitch ridiculously over-priced footwear…or other bullshit made by 12 year old Asians.

      “This is Muhammad Ali, The Greatest of All Time. I’m against the Vietnam War. The Vietcong never did anything to me. But America is grinding up their bodies like hamburger and leaving them to rot in the jungle. Stop wasting all that good meat. You can save it, freeze and serve it whenever you want…with the Patty Chef/Stacker, from K-Tel!”

      “No more mess. No more fuss. No more bodies to count!”

      1. No he was pushing Nation of Islam rhetoric at college student audiences on U.S. college campuses until he figured out that wasn’t really what they wanted to hear.

        And the Jack Welch business model didn’t start until the 1980s (1981 to be exact). In 1968 people were still able to earn a living wage and feed families working in the textile mills here in the U.S. and there wasn’t as much off-shoring to employ children in Asia.

        So…your argument is largely speculation. Ali didn’t die until 2016. How much speaking out was he doing about child labor in American companies in Asia while he was still alive?

    1. NIKE’s strategy is to make a profit and keep their brand on the minds of the public…and they are succeeding…kinda like those Rap albums from the past…all the protests just helped sales……free PR chuq

  3. The whole thing is a cynical ploy by Nike. They are generating untold millions in free publicity (no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity) on the back of this news.
    For me, the ultimate stupidity is anyone believing that a product promoted by a celebrity is worth buying because they said it is.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am amazed that idiots think that burning a $100 pair of shoes will change anything…..truly proving most Americans have more money than brains….chuq

      1. I can’t say a thing on the whole, “buying $100+ pair of shoes”. I own two pairs of Doc Martens, one I bought on sale in 1999 for like, $60…but the other, I bought those in 2014 for $120.

        To be fair, its because you can’t kill Doc Martens. The pair I bought in 1999 are still in excellent condition. I expect they will be in as good a condition when I’m 80 years old (and I will still be wearing em!).

    2. Yup. No such thing as bad publicity anymore…it’s just “fake news publicity” now.

      And it is. Fake controversy to move product. This is just Trumped up bullshit designed to sell even more trumped up bullshit. (Overpriced sneakers…er…”trainers”.)

  4. I’m not saying that the millionaire “quarterback” doesn’t have a case about whites oppressing him, (I don’t know how, but..) but… Nike kept him on the payroll until the new 10-year contract was signed with the NFL and it was then that they renewed Kaepernik’s contract and came out with this ad. Kaepernik came out with this controversy after it was discovered he had lost his talent in playing the game – it seems to me, he just wants the attention he once had and Nike wants to capitalize on it.

    1. He did what is fashionable these days from president to corner musician…self-promotion…I have no problem with his protest I do have problem with calling it illegal…..chuq

      1. It’s not illegal, I do find him to be a traitor though, (do you remember saying a pledge to the flag in school?) If he has a gripe and many do (but I don’t believe he does), I feel he could have picked a better place, better time and not made his fellows feel obligated to follow his lead.

      2. Everybody has an opinion and will use symbolism to make their point…..the only point is the he chose to protest which was his choice…..chuq

      3. More Americans need to see the flag draped coffins as the dead return….maybe then they would get off their asses and do something about constant war….that is what we need to protest….(well some of us do…but we need more)…..chuq

      4. Treason is…a deliberate act with the intention of undermining the security of the nation, or aiding & abetting the enemies of the nation.

        Let’s examine the “treason” at play here. Taking a knee is something football players do A LOT, especially right before a game…or when the coach is calling them worthless pieces of shit. It’s a subtle sign of respect while still “at ease”. For this very reason, I didn’t understand Colin Hackeysack taking a knee as a “protest”. Unless told to, I wouldn’t have even given it a second thought. Having a white teammate hit him in the head with his cleats until he knelt for the anthem would have been a more appropriate form of protest. And much better symbolism.

        But taking a knee…treason??? Every time players take a knee at any point in the game…the flag is still flying at the stadium! Therefore, all NFL players -even the white ones- are guilty of treason, right? This has nothing to do with the flag. So that stupid graphic you posted is completely full of shit. The flag is irrelevant. Besides, it’s not even treasonous to take a shit on the flag…Or pick your nose, scratch your balls, or give a “handy” to the backup QB on the bench during the anthem. (All things I’ve actually seen done during an anthem.) Disrespectful? Probably. Treason? Absolutely NOT! It takes a complete (and probably intentional) misunderstanding of the word to even contemplate kneeling as an act of treason. In NO way, shape, or form, does showing disrespect to a song and/or piece of polyester (probably made in China) constitute “treason”.

        What it does constitute is a clearly stated protest. And that’s really the “crime” here; that somebody interrupted the macho, jingoist, routine to question something, or point out a flaw in the system….something that is clearly constitutional. It’s at least as constitutional as dressing up like natives and dumping tea into the harbour. THAT was treason…and a waste of good tea. Now, is kneeling a good protest? Is it working? No, but who gives a fuck? This is the New Millennium. Nobody changes their mind about anything anymore. They just huddle with their tribes and launch shit at each other via the Webpipes all day.

        Which brings me back to that stupid fucking graphic. If I’m not mistaken, the picture was taken during the early stages on the Permanent War on Terra (2001-3987) These pictures were banned from appearing in the “free press”, lest they reduce the mindless, patriotic, war-mongering furor of the day. I think there’s a few ironic messages in there somewhere.

        But the real reason I mention the graphic is that I give at least a 40% chance it was created in a Russian Troll farm. It fits their M.O. perfectly. It touches all the hot-button issues…flags, dead soldiers…football..race…etc. Unlike the quiet taking of a knee, it’s something deliberately inflammatory and designed to start nasty, pointless, tribal infighting among Americans. If not made in Russia, this is at least Russian Troll farm worthy and I’m sure they’re spreading it all they can.

        And, oh yeah, Russia is America’s enemy that’s been “out to get us all” longer than anyone can remember. (Looks like they’re succeeding!) If that picture is the work of Russian Trolls…passing it around is aiding & abetting the enemy of the nation in its assault on the nation…aka “treason”.

      5. I do not see treason……all I see is a protest plain and simple…..but I agree that a guy that got millions to play ball….is not a good sample……chuq

  5. GP Cox, Kaepernick never said HE was being oppressed. I know for some people it is an alien concept (hopefully not for you) to consider the welfare of others, strangers and the like, not family or even friend relations…but for others, it’s what you do when you are a real leader. It’s what defines a real leader from a tyrant.


  6. To me, this is the kind of poisonous bullshit I unfortunately expect from …well…everybody in this day & age.

    This QB’s protest was newsworthy in a “Man-bites-dog” sense. A guy getting paid millions to throw a ball wants to use his profile to make a controversial, but low key, political statement? That’s rare as hell! Aside from earning him an early retirement and living off his fortune…there’s not much else in it for him.

    But noooooooooo!!!! This is the New Millennium. Absolutely NOTHING can remain un-defiled. First, it becomes a controversial thing that idiots argue over. As the Interwebs has programmed us all to do…idiots take sides and start firing in blind rage. “Oh no, there’s no racism in America.” “Kill Whitey” etc. Of course, this achieves nothing whatsoever…other than increasing chill-pill sales from the increase in strokes.

    Then Cambridge Analytica scoops up all the “data” from Loserbook, The Twit Zone, etc, builds those psychological profiles and figures out what buttons to press. They sell the data to politicos seeking to “rally the base” because nothing rallies the base like uppity, overpaid, Negroes who hate America. A few angry Toilet Tweets will boost the politico’s poll results. Money well spent.

    Then the data merchants sell their results to large multinationals making mega-profits though a combination of over-hype and offshoring. The results say associating their product with the QB’s protest will drive sales among “target demographic” (aka darker tinted guys who spend money they don’t have on shoes that are just for show.) They also know hiring the QB to pitch their product will cause a hostile backlash to their product, but not among their target demographic. In fact, the backlash will boost sales and likely broaden their demographics (aka pasty white liberals with more money than brains) I’m waiting for the “Chick-Fil-A” shoe to make it’s presence known; the shoe that wants to appeal to cracker-side of the “debate”.

    All the battling…all the hostility…Ain’t the on-line Culture War great….for profits!!! Just spy on them, learn their weaknesses, hype-em up into a froth and start raking in the dough from all The Stupids!

    To me, Colin Hackeysack is now just another in an enormous line of sellouts.

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