Closing Thought–07Sep18

A few years ago one of the hottest stories in the news was the militarization of police departments across the country…..(not so much these days)…..I wrote a post about it last year……

Since then the story has taken a backseat to the antics of Our Dear Leader but the militarization of police is still going on….the best question to ask is “with all this military equipment does it make the citizens safer”?  My thought is not really.

But I read an article that was posting on the Defense One website……

In the summer of 2014, unarmed protestors in Ferguson, Missouri were met with a startling and aggressive police response, and a national debate over the proper role of law enforcement in American communities—a dialogue we’ve initiated many times in our history, but never adequately resolved—reignited. For days, cable news networks saturated broadcasts with images of police in armored vehicles designed to withstand improvised explosive devices in Iraq, taking aim at civilians with high-powered rifles, clad in protective gear fit for a theater of war.

I wanted to understand why police had this equipment, why they used it, and what costs and benefits so-called “militarized policing” delivered. As a doctoral student in political science, I knew where to start—locating reliable data—but I didn’t know it would take me four years to assemble and analyze. This week, I published my findings: Militarized police units are deployed more often in black neighborhoods, even after controlling for local crime rates. And while militarized policing does not, on average, make either the public or police any safer, it may tarnish the reputation of police.

Half tracks used against protesters is what dictators do….not in a supposedly “democratic” America.

Welcome America the newest Banana Republic….and getting worse.

3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Sep18

  1. You have had examples of the National Guard being used against people, so I guess the police being equipped in a similar fashion was only a matter of time.Given the number and style of weapons owned widely by private citizens, I think they might consider they have reason to fear a bigger than usual ‘opposition’. (Waco, for example) It’s a worrying trend though, as such moves rarely go ‘backwards’ once they have escalated
    Best wishes, Pete.

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