Whatcha Reading?

The weekend and I try to find something interesting to post or at least an FYI post…..

First of all….does the world need another Jurassic movie?  What could be said in a new one that has not already been said?

I read a lot…..most of my reading is non-fiction and most of my books relate to the studies I have pursued……international relations, conflict management, political science, history…..but I realize that most people are not as boring as I am and they consume a lot of fiction….

My daughter is one of those people that likes to be scared both by book and by movies…..so I did a little research and found the books that supposedly scares the pants off its readers……

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not your love of horror movies and scary stories is creepy, this should give you some peace of mind: There’s actually a science behind the thrill. In a study published in the Journal of Media Psychology, Glenn D. Walters, PhD, found that the genre tends to lure us in because it delivers tension, relevance, and unrealism. In other words, the mystery, suspense, and shock factors grip and excite us, while the themes tend to tap into our deepest fears without actually making them a reality. And as thrill-seeking bookworms, we’ll be the first to admit that horror novels make for the best beach reads, thanks to the entertaining plots and the promise of a heightened sensory experience.

There’s also just something about the intimacy of reading a book—and the fact that they leave so much more up to the imagination, where monsters and demons are quick to rear their ugly heads—that make them freakier than the freakiest of movies (in a good way, of course). If you agree, you’ll want to add all of the best horror novels from our reading list to your library. From classic Stephen King must-reads to under-the-radar discoveries, horrifying true crime reports, psychological thrillers, supernatural spooks, and everything in between, these are the best horror novels around. Get a sense of each below.

The 50 Scariest Books of All Time

NOTE:  I apologize for the original link has seemed to have disappeared…please forgive me…but please let my readers know the scariest books that you have ever read….chuq

Since I will not read these books….please let me know if you have any knowledge of their scariness…..

Thanx for the visits….my day of posting is done….I will go enjoy the rest of my day…..peace out…..chuq


17 thoughts on “Whatcha Reading?

      1. Yeah.. went on a two week road trip to Chicago/Ohio… and trying to work through a new blog and fix the old ones.

      2. I was getting worried…I thought I would give you to the end of the month before I started bugging you on FPS……glad to see you back…..chuq

  1. The link won’t work for me, but I did read some ‘horror’ books when I was younger. James Herbert, Stephen King, as well as the old-school original Dracula and Frankenstein. I didn’t really find them to be horrifying or scary enough, to be honest. Far more terrifying is to read non-fiction about what the Japanese did in China, or the Nazis in Germany and other European countries. Nobody needs to make up horror, when it is there to be found in our history.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Pete thanx for the heads up on the link….I have added a line in the post saying that it no longer functions…I appreciate the heads up….chuq

  2. I don’t get much of a chance to read novels these days – the last one was “24 Days” by Jacqui Murray, and i can’t say enough about it!! I still keep up buying Stephen King and Dean Koontz books, but they’re sitting on the shelf for now.

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