Rule By Cooptation

Say what?

Foreign policy wonks are busily trying to figure out just what the Hell Trump is doing internationally.

Some think he is trying to run our foreign policy by what some called cooptation…..again….What he Hell?

Call it The Cooptation Doctrine.  Sanction the hell out of the leader of a despotic Third World country, then go meet him and promise, if he mends his ways, to make his country rich and him even richer.

Thus we have Kim shown an iPad rendering of the Côte de North Korea and Trump explaining on Hannity that North Korea, located between booming South Korea and China, is prime real estate replete with scenic landscapes and pristine beaches ready to be be developed with resorts and hotels, a veritable Park Place and Boardwalk in the making.

Before his “summit” with Kim Trump kinda blew the G7 apart with his antics and there are whispers that NATO will be his next target.

After watching the G7 train wreck aghast, senior officials at NATO headquarters are quaking in their boots at the prospect of hosting a summit of the Western defense alliance featuring a raging Donald Trump in Brussels.

Far from showcasing transatlantic unity and resolve, they fear the 24-hour gathering of leaders of the 29-nation alliance, scheduled for about a month from now, could turn into round 2 of the rumble in Quebec, with the U.S. president on the rampage against the Europeans and Canadians over their allegedly unfair trade surpluses and puny military spending, leaving NATO in tatters.

Our European allies are started to worry about the future of NATO with Trump learning to drive the foreign policy machine…..

The head of Nato has warned that the deep divisions between the US under Donald Trump and its European allies are not going away and there is no certainty that the transatlantic relationship and its military alliance will survive.

Against a backdrop of Trump’s open baiting of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, over immigration and her domestic difficulties, Jens Stoltenberg has called for all Nato members to work to avoid a disastrous breakdown in western unity.

Writing in the Guardian, Nato’s secretary general admits that “political storm clouds” are putting a strain on the ties that bind the Nato allies. But, in an appeal to leaders before the military alliance’s summit in July, the former prime minister of Norway says that “where differences persist, we must limit any negative impact on our security cooperation”.

WE could go so far as to say that Pres. Trump has ended what was left of the Cold War and the American Conservative did……

…with a televised handshake and a few kind words, the Korean War was effectively ended, almost exactly 68 years after it began. As President Trump said in Singapore, “We will have a terrific relationship ahead.”

For his part, North Korean leader Kim said that while “obstacles” had been in the way of the meeting, “we overcame all of them and we are here today.”  And while Tuesday’s joint statement on de-nuclearization can be regarded as tentative, even vaporous, the two leaders also agreed to work toward establishing diplomatic relations. In addition, Trump has stated his desire to remove U.S. troops from South Korea eventually; these moves all amount to a massive global game-change.

I will wait and see what he has in mind….I mean I agree with the possibility of the US pulling back from the brink in Europe…..but I have been disappointed in Trump’s final decisions since he was elected.


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