Most Important Battles

It is true that war will always be with us for man can not exist without it… has been with us since the very early days when the jaw bone of a gazelle was used as a weapon to today when drones populate skies of most countries.

But since it is always with us…what were the most important battles in history?

While unfortunate, it cannot be denied that warfare has had a major role in shaping our world. It has defined our history, created and destroyed entire nations, and repeatedly altered society in both major and subtle ways for thousands of years. While history is replete with battles both large and small, there are a few that have had a bigger hand in shaping the course of history than others. only a hand full have had a major impact on the course of history. The following list of the ten most important ones may not have been the largest battles ever fought in terms of numbers involved, and not all of them are even land battles, but each of them had major ramifications on history that continue to be felt today. Had any of them gone the other way, the world we live in today would look very different indeed.

Do you have any ideas for battles that should be included?


2 thoughts on “Most Important Battles

  1. Being English, I have to include The Battle of Hastings, in 1066. That changed the course of this country’s future for ever, and set in place a feudal Norman rule that affected the British Isles for centuries.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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