Nicaragua Again?

Let me begin by telling my readers that today may be a short day for me for I must return to the doctors and see what the next step is going to be….I apologize for the pace of today’s posts but I hope you will understand.

For 30 years the political front of Nicaragua has not been an important headline….and that is about to change.

How many of my readers are old enough to remember the dark days of the 1980’s…..we were in the middle of Central American politics from Honduras to El Salvador to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua was where the Reagan boyz got in trouble…..the Iran-Contra Affair…..

The Iran-Contra Affair was a secret U.S. arms deal that traded missiles and other arms to free some Americans held hostage by terrorists in Lebanon, but also used funds from the arms deal to support armed conflict in Nicaragua. The controversial dealmaking—and the ensuing political scandal—threatened to bring down the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Soon after taking control of Congress, the Democrats passed the Boland Amendment, which restricted the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Department of Defense (DoD) in foreign conflicts.

The amendment was specifically aimed at Nicaragua, where anti-communist Contras were battling the Sandinista communist government.

Reagan had described the Contras as “the moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers.” But much of their funding, to that point, had come via Nicaragua’s cocaine trade, hence Congress’ decision to pass the Boland Amendment.

All this effort was to try and stop the Sandinista government of Daniel Ortega….Sandinista?

The new government inherited a devastated country. About 500,000 people were homeless, more than 30,000 had been killed, and the economy was in ruins. In July 1979 the Sandinistas appointed a five-member Government Junta of National Reconstruction. The following May it named a 47-member Council of State, which was to act as an interim national assembly. In 1981 the junta was reduced to three members and the council increased to 51.

I give you this little slice of history because Nicaragua is making political news again……

There are protests against the Left wing government of Ortega and the Trumpian response is as follows…..

The Trump administration is crafting a range of options, including potential sanctions, against the government of Nicaragua and President Daniel Ortega if it fails to properly address the concerns of student groups, church leaders and other civic players about increasing violence and political repression.

“We’re watching this with laser focus because we need to ensure that, the people have called for dialogue, the government participates; the people have called for investigations, the government does that; the military has said we’re staying out of that, they continue to do so,” a senior administration official told McClatchy.

Read more here:

Will we once again trip the light fantastic with Nicaragua?


9 thoughts on “Nicaragua Again?

  1. As you know, I am old enough to remember all that very well. If they feel things are ‘settled’ in North Korea, then the next step could well be trying to dominate Central America once again. It’s closer to home, after all.
    Good luck with the doctor, my friend.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanx it is just a visit next week will be the procedure….We are still ass deep in the political problems in Central America……Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua…..this is just another ops to change a left wing government…..BTW, John has turned the comments back on….chuq

  2. Central and South America have always been a mess. So, as the liberals have taken over this country – I take it we will support an entire continent…
    When this country falls under the weight of its magnanimous generosity – we’ll wonder how could this happen! We have less people paying taxes but allowing more and people to take from us, and so the clock ticks on….

    1. So true about taxes and that can be fixed by a bunch of cowards in Congress….the new tariffs have cost US business $100 million in the first two weeks…..the debt is growing and no one wants to fix it…..they want the repairs on the backs of citizens when it should be on the backs of the different agencies and the wars we must fight….chuq

  3. Hi, I just want to say that I am Nicaraguan, I have lived in Nicaragua my entire life, and it seems very easy to look away and don’t feel any empathy with people you’re not related to, so here in my country, given the incidents over the last 3 months where we have been under a terrorist state given by our own government, where our president sends the police, the military, the thugs “maras sandinistas”, etc… to KILL anyone who stands against this brutallity, we have developed a saying: “only the people saves its people”, meaning that we don’t expect any “help” from any country, or any organization, to solve our own problems. We have seen all the countries and organizations such as the UN, the EU, and even the Vatican condemn every terrorist act that our government is doing to its own citizens, but that’s all they can do: “condemn”, send a letter, make it public and that’s all. Our government keeps killing us, every 8 hous a person gets murdered by Daniel Ortega and his followers. We don’t need to have bad dreams of Siria because we’re living it right now, every single day each one of us here is in danger of being killed by our president. I invite you to check the #SosNicaragua on Twitter to catch up with the REAL news, the everyday life here during the last 3 months, you won’t find this type of news in our national network channels because our government doesn’t allow it. It has even tried to take from us the privilege to have access to internet at all. It wouldn’t surprise me that it’ll be their next move.

    1. THanx for your insights into the situation…..the people the are the answer and have always been so….I wish you well and thanx for the visit and comment…..I look forward to the news on Twitter…….chuq

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