What Are The “Summit” Successes?

Let’s be honest….no matter what the next move for these two countries….this meeting was a success….and I admit that I fell for the head fake by Trump….this meeting was always going to happen all the drama was just that drama to build the audience for public consumption…after all the mid terms are just months away.

In the end, diplomacy can work – as a process, not an event. There is no Big Bang theory of nuclear diplomacy. If no further progress is made toward peace on the Korean peninsula, all this – the back-and-forth, the Moon-Kim meetings, the Singapore summit itself – is at worst another good start that faded. It is more likely, however, a turning point.

It is easy to announce a morning-after defeat for Trump: to criticize the agreement as vague and lacking in specific commitments regarding denuclearization. But those critics ignore Kim’s moratorium on nuclear and ballistic missile testing, the return of American prisoners, the closing of a ballistic missile test site, and the shutting down of a major nuclear test facility without opening a new one. It is easy to forget that a few months ago North Korea was still testing nuclear devices to spark fears of a dark war. Calling the Singapore summit a failure in light of more detailed agreements and different efforts from the past ignores the reality that all of those past agreements failed.


The “Summit” is over and I found a piece written by a visiting fellow to the Atomic Scientists…..

The summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is an historic event that could only happen once in several decades. It is the culmination of a 27-year-old diplomatic effort to resolve North Korea’s nuclear problem. But what are its prospects for success? How do we even define “success” (or failure)? What are the two most likely scenarios for a happy outcome? And what recommendations can we make, to help translate the most-desired scenarios into reality?

These are all very knotty questions. To even begin to answer them, we first must look to the past.


Keep in mind these are the insights of a scientist not of myself……this “summit” did what it was suppose to do….it controlled the media for over 48 hours……

Was it a success….that would depend on what was considered a success….


9 thoughts on “What Are The “Summit” Successes?

  1. Far too early to call anything like this a success. It remains to be seen if anything will really happen as a result of this meeting. But at least the meeting actually happened. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I know but we will never her the end of it if he wins….on and on….but it might give the 2016 election a break at rallies…LOL chuq

      2. Obama got a Nobel for nothing more than going on a world tour to apologize for America so I think Trump should get one too because he did something that Obama (Or any other president could ever do) — He got North Korea to the bargaining table. I think that is more deserving of a Nobel than an apology tour by any measure.

      3. I have been a critic of Obama getting it……Trump would deserve it if the deal is inked and the nukes are gone…not because of a promise that is made every time and nothing happens…chuq

      4. We have to wait and see if the promises made become broken promises. Most of the Liberals seem to believe the promises will be broken by North Korea. Many of them seem to be taking that idea as a given irrefutable fact. I agree that given the history of the NK, there is every possibility the promises will be broken but I am also entertaining the thought that if the promises are broken, then they will be broken after The United States treats NK treacherously in much the same manner as the treated our once-good-friend Sadaam Hussein. No one can predict the future with any certainty but I think I can come close and here I go: Even if NK never breaks a promise made during this summit, the Trump Haters will continue to find reasons it is a bad deal much in the same way as those who opposed the TPP agreement(s) did and much as those who hated Obama did. In the eyes of the sore losers of the election that made Trump president, Trump will never do anything noteworthy or good.

      5. The people of South Korea needs to have the final word….after all it is their asses on the line when we leave….right now the peace-niks are winning….John this is the same as with Obama…he could do no good in some eyes…this is just busy as usual in the US we have devolved into a country of insults and cowards. chuq

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