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I try to keep the readers of IST up to date on the progress or lack there of in the war being fought in Afghanistan….after 17 years the American people still do not care that there are Americans fighting and dying in  this country.

Spring has arrived in Afghanistan and Summer lurks….this is the time the Taleban and AQ and ISIS pick to up their attacks and their for attacks….plus the US and its allies also will be planning and attacking……

Following Thursday’s announcement that the US will comply with Afghanistan’s Ramadan ceasefire, which covers the Taliban and will last until June 20, the Pentagon now says they intend to step up offensives against ISIS in Afghanistan.

This announcement is perhaps unsurprising, as the US has not committed itself to a peace process in Afghanistan, and has been steadily escalating its military forces in the country. ISIS remains a convenient alternative target while the Taliban is off-limits.

While this opens up a lot more US troops to carry out strikes against ISIS, what it will accomplish remains to be seen. The US and Afghan governments have both claimed to have wiped ISIS out in Nangarhar repeatedly, only for the group to reemerge, seemingly unharmed.


An interesting announcement considering there are very few that know just how strong ISIS is in Afghanistan…..

There are statements after statements about the situation in Afghanistan….but maybe we should hold our admiration for the job being done…….

The Lead Inspector General (IG) for Operation Freedom’s Sentinel released its quarterly report to Congress last week, assessing the state of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. To put it mildly, the situation is not good. As Glenn Fine, the Principal Deputy IG for the Defense Department writes in the report’s foreword and executive summary, “the percentage of the population living in areas under the control or influence of the Afghan government showed little positive change this quarter,” while civilian casualties were “near record high levels.”

There were some small signs of promise, such as a modest decrease in “security-related incidents” — violence. From April to February, violence was below historical averages, and remains there, despite the Taliban’s Spring Offensive beginning in April. At the same time though, high profile attacks by the Taliban and ISIS spiked, and the Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coats, has written that the security situation in Afghanistan will likely continue to decline this year.

Rest assured that IST will always keep its readers up to date on the news of all our theaters of conflict.


10 thoughts on “IST Afghanistan Report

  1. “news of all our theaters of conflict”

    Perhaps we should not have “theatres of conflict”. Perhaps there are other ways to settle our disputes? I have started to read the Quran, not because I am a believer in god (any god) but because I would like to understand Islam a little better. Presumably Muslim extremists really do believe that the Quran is the word of god in the same way your Bible Belt believes in the Old Testament.

    Armed conflict has never settled anything for very long. It is not an answer to our ills. Perhaps we could look for another way.

    1. You will find that much of what is said to be in the Quran is not but rather in the Hadiths which are just a preacher’s interpretation….

      The UN was suppose to settle differences but when you have 5 countries that can crap on any attempts at peace then there will never be any…..
      I give you “kudos” for trying to understand….I wish more people would do the same….chuq

      1. Yes indeed the Jews have much the same procedure – the Midrash. And so of course do the Christians. One has to be aware at least of Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine and the rest of the gang. I am afraid I find some (perhaps most ) of the christian midrash insensible nonsense nonetheless there are patches of beauty and lucidity!

      2. There is an interesting book…”Bible Unearthed” by Silberman/Finkelstein that tells it like it most of the Old Testament has come from other cultures especially from Sumer and others….good reading….chuq

      3. It most certainly have. I have read the epic of Gilgamesh. The tragedy is that more people don’t assimilate the fact that jew and arab are the same race. Well, let’s face it we are all the same race. And as you know Abraham came from Iraq – Ur of the Chaldes.

      4. The Epic is great……most people are afraid to find the truth even when it is given to them simply…..the same indeed there is pottery proof that Israelites and Cannanites were the very same only difference was the consumption of pork….chuq

  2. I noted that the Eid ‘ceasefire’ in Afghanistan was announced by the killing of 10 people the other day. I would advocate pulling everything out. All troops, all aid, all diplomatic relations, foreign companies, and any connection to, or investment from, the west. Let the country go back to the stone age with no trade or imports, and see how long it lasts.
    Then bomb the poppy fields using drones, and stop their only export and source of income, heroin.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I like your plan….wish more could get on board…..the major problem is that Afghanistan is rich with rare earth metals and the profits are immense….and there is why we continue to fight and die….chuq

      1. And meanwhile, we are still not getting those minerals, I suspect. The Taliban won’t be able to mine them, so let’s leave them in the ground.

      2. I agree…the problem is society’s need for electronics will make it profitable and if we do not then of course there is China….I think we could make a deal that does not involve fighting and killing….chuq

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