Was That A Bribe?

AS I was doing my morning reading and research I came across a bold headline that caught my attention……”Poland Offers US $2 Billion”…….after that title I had to breakdown and read the article……

Poland has long expressed interest in securing a permanent deployment of foreign troops from a NATO member nation. The Polish Defense Ministry has confirmed that they are willing to pay the US up to $2 billion if it is an American base.

Defense Ministry officials say that there is a “clear and present need” for Poland to have a permanent US armored division in their country, and that they are willing to help defray the cost of deployment with the money. They say this will make the deployment more “cost effective.”

In reality Poland, like most developing countries, sees a US base as both a guarantee of more US military support, and an economic boon for the surrounding area. They seem to be assuming that President Trump’s long insistence that NATO nations pay a “fair share” will make him amenable to this proposal


Okay Poland wants a permanent base, why?

We already have those bases in Germany and Poland is not that far away so why does Poland want the base….for protection?  Why?

There is a “NO” side to this situation…….

What makes NATO the most successful military alliance in history is the cohesion of its members. Any policy that risks undermining that should be examined with a highly critical eye.

Establishing a permanent U.S. military presence in Poland, as has been reportedly requested by the Polish government, is exactly one of those cases. Such a move should only be taken if consensus can be achieved among all our allies that it would enhance deterrence and improve the overall security situation for NATO.

That is unlikely to happen — and with good reason.


I agree……… I do not see the need for another base in Poland….plus I do not like the idea of a bribe to  influence our foreign policy……as bad as it is these days.

Should the US accept the bribe and put a permanent deployment of American troops in Poland?


7 thoughts on “Was That A Bribe?

  1. People are coming here from Poland to work due to the economic slump there. They could put that two billion to better use, I’m thinking.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. It seems to me they’re setting us up for something. Personally, I don’t like the idea because it will only intimidate Russia. Should anything happen, NATO will step in – no need for a permanent base – we’re too spread out as it is.

      1. True that…..the US needs to re-think the AUMF….we need to bring our war weary troops home and spend that cash where it will do more good….chuq

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