Operation Opera

That time again for your history lesson….since I started the day with post on Israel and nukes….I decided to continue along those lines…..


On this day in 1981 Israel launched Operation Opera……a plan to destroy an alleged nuclear reactor being built in Iraq……

It is the world’s first air strike against a nuclear plant.

An undisclosed number of F-15 interceptors and F-16 fighter bombers destroyed the Osirak reactor 18 miles south of Baghdad, on the orders of Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

The army command said all the Israeli planes returned safely.


And now the story is that Israel is helping an Arab neighbor with their hopes for a nuclear reactor…..my how times change……or do they?

June seems to be the magic month of Israel’s military adventurism…..watch the news after all this is June…..

Your history lesson is complete…..thanx for stopping by……


5 thoughts on “Operation Opera

  1. Israel, the US, North Korea, China, Mugabwe’s police state….its all part of the human zoo. We are rats in cages fighting over land, food, water and shelter.

    We are an evolutionary accident. In time science might just allow ourselves the chance to breed the less desirable qualia out of our system.

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