D-Day: Then And Now

Today is the day that changed the world as it was known in 1944…..the D-Day landings…Operation Overlord…..the day when the Allies took it to the 3rd Reich and as they say it was the beginning of the end…..

Let’s look back to those tenuous days…….

In June 1944, the Second World War had been raging for almost five years, and Allied forces were poised to gain a foothold in mainland Europe from which to attack Nazi-occupied areas. Normandy, a coastal region in northern France, was chosen for the ambitious and risky invasion.

The D-day landings are now considered the turning point which led to the end of the war a year later, and to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

On the windy morning of June 6, Allied troops began landing on a 50-mile stretch of Normandy coastline, overcoming heavy defensive fire and obstacles, including landmines buried on the shore. The sea was filled with vessels carrying reinforcements, while airships dotted the skyline.


With each passing year we lose more and more of the “Greatest Generation” and soon they will be all gone and all they did will be just a footnote in history…..just as sad as the World War One memories have gone from our collective memories.

I cannot let it go so I will try to keep the memories alive until it is my time to leave this plane and slide into history.

We owe these people much….do not let them be forgotten.


8 thoughts on “D-Day: Then And Now

  1. As you want to keep the memories alive in the memory of people, I assume you mean the US.

    I want to tell Americans that those allied forces aren’t forgotten here.
    I limit myself to the Netherlands.
    I know ofcourse something how other nations keep them alive but I’m most knowledgeable of the Dutch one.

    What I notice is that concerning WWII, that the fear to be forgotten seems to be far greater for Americans than other allies.
    Also, it’s sad having to say this, the need to be thanked all the time.
    Forgetting that THANK YOU is done in so many different ways, without seeking publicity or be very verbally about it.

    Americans in discussions tend to be a lot more using
    I’m UNGRATEFULL, as an expressing my opinion stopper! I haven’t experienced that with other Allies.
    It is also insulting to the many that made it their lives work to keep the memory, but also the lessons we can/have to learn, alive.

    Please keep in mind:
    It’s not/never you whom I mean in my comment.

    1. Yes it is Americans I refer to…..we have very short memories….I want to keep the memories alive as long as I can….I do the same with WW1…..these memories are all but gone over here……

      Nice to see you again….it has been awhile since you have commented….it is always a pleasure….chuq

      1. Thank you for you word of welcome! Yes, it’s been a while. My mother passed away, at the age of 95, last January. The last year’s she was in a home because her memory went bit by bit. Still she keep on loving to sing.
        I’m in a way glad that her memories of WWII, didn’t come to torment her.
        Last month my aunt, the sister of my father passed away peacefully at the age of 89.

        Strange to realise that the generation before me, my parents, my aunts and uncles are gone now.
        As to say I’m the next in line.
        I think you know what I mean.

        I read in your posts that you had some healthissues, and the loss of a sweet dog you rescued.
        Be assured that although I didn’t commented my thoughts were with you!

        Keep up the good fight!

      2. Thanx for the kind words….I am sorry about your mother…..our people are dying every year and soon they will be gone and I hope that we will keep their memories alive for all generations to come….Jazz will be missed she did a lot to help cope….chuq

  2. I can’t believe that this is the first thing I have read today that is in remembrance of those who died during this horrible time. These people fought and lost everything. I find it disgusting how events like D-Day are getting lost and submerged amongst the latest bickers between Trump etc.

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