Down South Of The Border

Time for me to venture into the arena of the region of the Monroe Doctrine……all that just means I am going to offer a bit of info about the region of Latin America.

For a couple of decades Latin America has moved toward a growing democracy movement…..and in the last few years that trend has evaporated and now more and more autocrats are coming to power.

Recently Venezuela just held an election and as usual something went wrong…..meaning that Washington will not appreciate the outcome……

Despite Venezuela’s people starving and refugees pouring out of the country, President Nicolás Maduro will stay in office for now. In a deeply flawed election marred by low voter turnout and opposition abstention, Maduro bested his opponents with nearly 70 percent of the vote. With his re-election, dictatorship is on the march in Latin America for the first time in a generation.

Democracy in Latin America has taken a beating over the past century. Every country in the region has toyed with it and periodically discarded it. But with the exception of Cuba, every Latin American country also returned to democracy in recent decades, marking a sea change in freedom and political competition. As recently as a few years ago, some expressed optimism that the end of dictatorship in Latin America was nigh.

Maudro of Venezuela has not been a friend to the US, neither was his predecessor, Chavez (amazing that few can remember the name when 10 years ago he was about to start a war with the US)…….so what happens when someone is elected that DC dos not want in power?

Don’t hurt yourself.  We meddle into their elections.

Watching the current eruptions and flowing lava in Hawaii is strangely similar to observing the ongoing crisis in Venezuela.

In both cases, the situations are fiery, unpredictable and very, very dangerous. And both seem to be moving in slow motion, but manage to convey a sense of a true disaster looming ahead.

Over the past weekend, incumbent Nicolas Maduro won an obviously rigged presidential election with a record low turnout; inflation is too high to sensibly measure; there are widespread food and medicine shortages; the oil industry is effectively out of commission; and millions of Venezuelans are fleeing the country. Violence levels are thought to be the highest in the world, surpassing those of Afghanistan, Somalia and Central America.

Look for more sanctions that will hurt the people with the hope they will rise up and take control….think Chile for an example……

Russia meddles….condemn, US meddles, applauded…..

My granddaughter made an observation……she said when we talked about the Russian meddling, “what goes around comes around”…….karma is a bitch huh?

Silly huh?


2 thoughts on “Down South Of The Border

  1. Everyone has been meddling with everyone else since the invention of sailing ships. I can’t see it ever going away.
    And talking of the border, what’s happening with that wall?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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