Closing Thought–16May18

Most other countries in the world has a wide array of candidates in their elections we here in the US usually have 2 major candidates a couple 3rd party ones ……2018 is the mid-term elections here and this time we have a wide array ourselves….we have right wingers, neo-nazis and a bunch of criminals….

How did the Republican Party — once known as the party of “law and order” — become a party that could provide space for lawbreakers and extremists, thugs and criminals, hoodlums and hate groups? This astonishing transformation can only be attributed to the presidency of Donald Trump, whose words during the 2016 campaign and during his term in the White House helped make America safe for extremists.

White supremacists, Infowars conspiracy theorists and convicted criminals are running, some as viable candidates, on the GOP ticket on the state and federal level, something which would have been unheard of only a few years ago.

Such individuals are not barred from putting their hat in the ring and aspiring for elected office, but it is remarkable that party leaders have by and large not shown the backbone to condemn them. But in a way that’s not surprising in a party where extremism and intolerance are mainstream GOP fare, and its standard bearer runs an ethically challenged administration mired in criminal investigations. Trump said he would drain the swamp, but he is the swamp, and he is sending swamp-dwelling creatures to the Senate, Congress and the state house.

The GOP really needs to clean their party up a bit…….

The mid-terms may prove to be quiet entertaining…..

6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16May18

  1. Most western countries are stuck in a two-party state of affairs, so nothing unusual there. You can forget the Greens, the Far Right, and the often-crazy ‘Socialists’. Like it or not, we are all primarily stuck with this lamentable system. Grin and bear it, old friend.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Politics attracts nuts, but this is getting bonkers. Some of these Nazis, nuts, etc, will get attention, encouragement and votes just because they’re hooked up to a major party. Some of them might win. Either way, finishing second will only encourage them and people like them.

    I’d like a more proportional representation system. (eg. If you get 25% of the votes, you get 25% of the seats.) It takes gerrymandering, vote splitting & Strategic Voting out of the equation and makes multi-party state very viable. It also means far more choice. If you’re a lefty and have got 2-3 left leaning parties…if one screwed the pooch while in power, you don’t have to reward failure, or make “integrity compromises”.

    You may get more extreme/crazy minor parties. (vs what we’ve got?) But minor parties have no monopoly on crazy. But if 10% want to vote for the Boss Hogg Party, so be it. That’s what happens when every moron with a pulse vote.

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