The End Of Pax Americana

These days there are many people that are predicting the end of the “Pax Americana”….but then there are those that have damn idea what I am speaking of (that is until they dash to the Google machine to help them look informed)……so let me help so no one has a stroke trying to get there quickly……

Pax Americana is a term applied to the historical concept of relative peace in the Western Hemisphere and later the Western world resulting from the preponderance of power enjoyed by the United States beginning around the start of the 20th century. Although the term finds its primary utility in the later half of the 20th century, it has been used in various places and eras, such as the post-Civil War era in North America and globally during the time between the World Wars. Pax Americana is primarily used in its modern connotations to refer to the peace established after the end of World War II in 1945. In this modern sense, it has come to indicate the military and economic position of the United States in relation to other nations.


This phenom has been a good way to control the world and yet our leadership has been slipping……it started a rapid decline in 2001 and Bush’s desire for war and began its rapid descent in 2003 with the invasion and occupation of Iraq….and each president since has done nothing to stop the slide of the “Pax Americana”….not Obama and must certainly not Trump……

What if three very different U.S. presidents were to succeed each other in office, each focused like a laser on undoing what he saw as the gravely damaging policies of his predecessor? And what if, in so doing, the three actually compounded the damage done by the others? And what if, thanks to the handiwork of the all-powerful God of Irony, the three would someday be seen by history as the central collaborators in writing the closing chapter on Pax Americana, the more-than-70-year period that may someday be seen as the pinnacle of U.S. global influence?

Will the summit with North Korea help to stop the slide….and then the impending war that Iran could become that certainly not be a good thing for “Pax Americana”

We are losing our place among world nations…..will it cease?

10 thoughts on “The End Of Pax Americana

  1. According to the news here, it seems that Kim has pulled out of the Singapore conference. Mr Trump may not be getting his Nobel Prize after all.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Kim tried to bluff the world into believing he wasn’t an unreasonable dolt, but when his bluff was called – well, you see him back-peddling, don’t you!

      1. Kim played nice with China and South Korea and then tried the US, so when he had to put actions to his words – he starts backing up – like “playing chicken” and he swerved.

      2. I said Kim back-pedaled, not Trump. Despite all the constant criticism, the man continues to do what he thinks is best for the country. Can the people who spend every day complaining about everything, say the same – NO. They’d rather tear the country apart to satisfy their own agenda.
        Kim spends every day paranoid in his own country for one reason – they know what he is and he is smart enough to realize that.

      3. I think he would be better served at keeping the specifics to himself……we have seen all this before 2008 I believe was the last time….chuq

      4. Any time a nation’s world view is dominated by a single narrative for so long, it’s not uncommon to see participants get cold feet, or outright panic. Shit, look at how hard it is just to get people to accept fuel efficient cars!

        At the Iceland Summit that effectively ended The Cold War. Some Raygunites wanted to “push their advantage to the max”, maybe even pick off a few Warsaw Pact nations to test their resolve. Meanwhile, Gorby had all kinds of internal opposition. It’s possible more people wanted that thing sabotaged than to go ahead.

        Anybody who thought this Korean War thing was just going to disappear this easy after all this time is nuttier than Dennis Rodman.

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