Nicaragua–That Magical land

Back in the days of Ronny Reagan there was this magical land known as Nicaragua……and he presided over his domain……and the CIA worked its magic over the land…..

From time to time, the mainstream media (MSM) likes to reflect on the historical legacies of U.S. interventions in the name of American-style democracy. On May 7th, 2016, The New York Times published a story by Frances Robles on a former Contra fighter who wished for U.S. aid to fight a covert war against Daniel Ortega and the Nicaraguan government titled ‘Ortega vs. the Contras: Nicaragua Endures an ’80s Revival’ which paints a different picture in regards to what actually happened during the civil war in Nicaragua. The article is about a rebel fighter by the name of Tyson who lives in the mountains of Nicaragua who was “longing for the days when covert American funding paid for overt warfare.”

Why would I dredge up this nugget from our sordid past?

It seems that Nicaragua is on the brink of revolt once again…..

Nearly forty years since a popular insurrection toppled Nicaragua’s right-wing dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle, the Central American nation has once again been engulfed by political unrest, and appears to be on the brink of momentous change.

The present convulsion began earlier this month, after President Daniel Ortega proposed a change to the country’s social-security provisions that would have forced taxpayers to pay more for the program while simultaneously cutting payouts to beneficiaries. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries of Latin America, and public reaction to this change was furious and swift, with demonstrators taking to the streets to protest. The government’s ensuing response was as ill-considered as it was cruel. Police around the country fired live ammunition to break up the protests; as many as sixty people are believed to have died in the chaos that followed, including Ángel Gahona, a young reporter who was shot in the head while conducting a Facebook Live report in the streets of the Caribbean coastal town of Bluefields.

The US may once again become embroiled in the internal struggles of Nicaragua……something we seem to not be capable of avoiding.

9 thoughts on “Nicaragua–That Magical land

  1. If things kick off there, you can bet your last cent that the US will be straight down to get involved. They are probably already choosing who they want to install as a pro-American leader.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yeah….but there intervention in the past did not go well….We are still trying to change Venezuela and that is a bust….chuq

  2. Of course, the US will seek to intervene one way or another… If they don’t China might succeed in building the Nicaragua canal (currently put on hold) after all.

      1. I agree, the NC project has a low benefit/cost ratio anyway. Also I think it’s more likely that China will invest in the Thai canal instead, as this has more benefits for them.

  3. After all that Iran-Contra bullshit…I for one got a big kick out of Daniel Ortega winning the Presidency. (Mission Accomplished, America!) I have no idea how it turned out, but there was certainly a poetic justice to it.

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