Happy Birthday (Belated)

I was writing and remembered that I should have posted something on 05May18……it was the birthday of Karl Marx.

Marx is an interesting individual….his thoughts with Engels had influenced so many activist and political tacticians that to ignore his contributions is just silly.  I know that there are many that do not like Marx because of his influence of Communist and to some Democrats…..but the truth is that NO self-respecting socialist/communist would every describe hi/her self as a Democrat…..and yet the mental midgets keep making the comparisons.  The funny thing I that Marx was right on many aspects of society and politics and yet the typical Rightie continues to ignore Marx’s contributions and blaming all liberal policies and ideas as somehow socialistic in nature+.

Like I said Saturday was the birthday of Karl Marx……

On May 5, 1818, in the southern German town of Trier, in the picturesque wine-growing region of the Moselle Valley, Karl Marx was born. At the time Trier was one-tenth the size it is today, with a population of around 12,000. According to one of Marx’s recent biographers, Jürgen Neffe, Trier is one of those towns where “although everyone doesn’t know everyone, many know a lot about many.”

Such provincial constraints were no match for Marx’s boundless intellectual enthusiasm. Rare were the radical thinkers of the major European capitals of his day that he either failed to meet or would fail to break with on theoretical grounds, including his German contemporaries Wilhelm Weitling and Bruno Bauer; the French “bourgeois socialist” Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, as Marx and Friedrich Engels would label him in their “Communist Manifesto”; and the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin

In an op-ed in the The Week magazine there is a call to “normalize” Marx and his teachings…..I cannot wait for the freak out……

Happy birthday to Karl Marx, who was born 200 years ago on May 5. He was the most astute and influential critic of capitalism in history — and also the most misunderstood.

It is long since time that Marx re-joined the community of ordinary intellectuals, considered as neither the terrifying harbinger of social upheaval, nor a secular pope with the eternally correct description of all human society. He was a genius, but in the end, only another human scholar with a brilliant but incomplete perspective.


I await the debate.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (Belated)

      1. My step daughter had to write a paper on Marx and Engels for her college course. She rang me up, and I dictated most of it over the ‘phone. 🙂

  1. People can say what they like about his prescriptions for the problems. That’s fair enough. But his analysis and ways of looking things are pretty on-point, even today. Probably because Capitalism is still Capitalism and its “thinking” dominates everything. Arguably more than ever.

    In fact, modern Capitalism is ironically making “the state wither away”, a “naive” concept Marx was often highly criticized for. It’s also making the alienation between worker and work so wide…soon, few workers will even HAVE work to be alienated from. (See: Robot Economic Apocalypse)

    We need more “Labour Theory of Value” thinking and less “whatever the market will bear” approaches.

      1. Marx was right on everything, at least everything I can remember from my school daze.

        I used to think the “state withering away” was never going to happen. Granted, the USSR was “living negative proof”. But then Capitalism went and started strangling the state, much to the joy of the very same capitalists that used to decry Marx’s version of it.

  2. Marx and Lenin and Stalin and all the other of their ilk are best consigned to the ash piles of History. But then when I think about it, if it were not for Marx and all his devotees, we wouldn’t have the Democrat party now would we?

      1. Ah! The inimitable “Mindless!” You are speaking of the “Average American” that I see with their asses dragging the floor on both sides of their motorized carts at the super market!

      1. I sent you a vid…pl listen..from last american vagabond….Ramola D. I have got more but it is hard to digest..b/c it is surreal. Brain cloning,classic CIA torture…most unpleasant. 😦
        Remind me…. Why am I doing this?

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