Xena– A Warrior Princess

My regulars know that I enjoy many subjects among which is archeology and history especially the history of war and there are none better than the Vikings….these warriors were feared around Europe….and everyone has an image of a large blond or red hair warrior with axe in hand, right?

Well it has been possibly proven that not all the warriors were male……

The remains of a powerful Viking — long thought to be a man — was in fact a real-life Xena Warrior Princess, a study released Friday reveals.

The lady war boss was buried in the mid-10th century along with deadly weapons and two horses, leading archaeologists and historians to assume she was a man, according to the findings published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.


“It’s actually a woman, somewhere over the age of 30 and fairly tall, too, measuring around [5 feet 6 inches] tall,” archaeologist Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson of Uppsala University, who conducted the study, told The Local.


The Vikings are fascinating and as time goes by we are learning more and more…..speaking of which there is more on tap about the Vikings…stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Xena– A Warrior Princess

  1. What was this Vikings Queen’s name? Lagertha Rothbrok, perhaps? (Note: The height is exactly the same. Age is in the same range. Job description is exactly the same.)

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