Closing Thought–24Apr18

I have never been a fan of Nikki Haley as the ambassador to the UN……I thought she was too amateurish to run any sort of foreign policy venue…..

It seems that Haley has broken with her boss, Donald Trump, over the newest round of sanctions against Russia…..or should I say the sanctions that Trump refuses to implant…..Haley was very verbal when a Trump advisers tried to imply that Haley was “confused”……aand she fired back…HARD!

Nikki Haley is at war with Donald Trump. She may be his ambassador to the United Nations, but she wants to set a foreign policy all her own, closer to the global interventionism of George W. Bush or Hillary Clinton than to the muscular but restrained foreign policy that Trump campaigned on in 2016. Her differences with the president were on stark display this week, as she first announced sanctions against Russia that Trump had not approved, then shot back at the new director of the national economic council, Larry Kudlow, when he offered a diplomatic interpretation of her mistake. Kudlow ascribed her off-message remarks to “some momentary confusion,” to which Haley responded, “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.”

I do not think she will have a chance in today’s GOP… is not what we could call….female friendly.


8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–24Apr18

  1. The GOP ain’t “friendly” period. It doesn’t really like much of its own membership anymore.
    But at least UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is better than Bush’s UN Ambassador, John Bolton. That guy was a total asshole appointed to the UN by Bush to sabotage it. What ever happened to that nasty walrus?

      1. He was appointed to the UN to sabotage the UN from within. So, I guess he’s been appointed National Security Advisor to sabotage national security from within? This is exactly why we need National Security agencies….to keep us safe from National Security agencies.

  2. I think I mentioned earlier. White House = Circus. Enough is really enough.
    (By the way, I watched the press conference with Macron. I expected them to start kissing….)
    Is ‘tired of Trump’ a medical condition yet?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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