The Zuck Meets Congress

Closing Thought–11Apr18

Yesterday was the big day….Facebook honcho begins his 2 day Congressional testimony….I admit that I watched on TV for I wanted to hear his lame ass excuses….I was not disappointed.

He was given softball questions that he was allowed to evade at all costs….we could say that the time constraint did not bode well for a substantive answers.

In case you were smarter than I and avoided the TV BS show let me fill in the blanks for you…..

The first couple hours of Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony Tuesday were, as Time puts it, “tedious.” Lawmakers’ questions made it clear they don’t quite understand all the ins and outs of social media (the Week says Zuck spent a fair amount of time explaining how the internet works), and that made it easy for Zuck to give sometimes evasive answers without much pushback. But when Ted Cruz questioned Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder actually appeared to be “on edge,” giving us, in Time‘s words, “the most explosive part” of the hearing. The exchange had to do with whether Facebook is a neutral public forum, with Cruz rattling off a number of instances in which the social network appeared to show its political bias by leaning left. Cruz specifically asked Zuckerberg about Palmer Luckey, a former Facebook employee who left the company after his conservative political views were revealed; Zuck denied those political views had anything to do with his departure. Time has more on Luckey and the Zuck-Cruz exchange.

  • Things did get a bit less tedious as the hearing wore on; Kamala Harris, at one point, called Zuckerberg out for deflecting questions, per the Raw Story; Slate looks at a particularly “awkward” exchange between Zuck and Dick Durbin about Zuck’s hotel; and CNN highlights an exchange in which a senator told Zuckerberg bluntly, “your user agreement sucks.” Roll Call has a look at some of the other key exchanges between Zuck and lawmakers.
  • Fast Company explains how Zuck “dodged” a question about Facebook’s ability to follow users around the internet even when they’re not logged in. Meanwhile, Slate says he “struggled” to answer uncomfortable questions about Facebook board member Peter Thiel.
  • Roll Call offers up photos from the day, including the veritable army of Zuckerberg cutouts adorning the East Lawn of the Capitol; the Week has photos and videos illustrating the “zoo” Capitol Hill became; and Mashable zeroes in on photos of Zuck’s face throughout the day to look at his “emotional journey” as the day progressed.
  • Zuckerberg, who is 5’7″, reportedly sat on a “booster seat” during his testimony. Gizmodo has pictures.
  • Might there one day be a paid version of Facebook? Zuck revealed he apparently isn’t ruling it out, per the Verge.
  • Time and Mashable round up some of the best jokes and memes to come out of the testimony.
  • Vanity Fair says this is “just the beginning of what could become a fraught regulatory battle with Congress,” and offers up a ranking of Zuck’s “regulatory nightmares.”
  • Speaking of Facebook scandals, NPR has a primer on how to check whether your data was used by Cambridge Analytica, and the New York Times reports that some of the data collected by the quiz app included private messages. Facebook is offering up a “bounty” to anyone who can find the next Cambridge Analytica, CNBC reports.
  • Fast Company takes a look at the “brain trust of advisers” helping Zuck through all this controversy.
  • The Atlantic offers up a list of the day’s 13 strangest moments.
  • Zuck will testify before the House of Representatives Wednesday. While you wait, AdWeek offers up five things we learned during today’s testimony.
  • This whole thing makes the Edward Snowden affair “look quaint,” writes Anne Applebaum at the Washington Post.

That pretty much covers the first day of this  Greek comedy…..Tuesday will produce more crap that wasted the Congress’ time.

If the Zuck-ster sez anything important I shall give my readers another look.  I expect a replay of the comedy of Monday.


10 thoughts on “The Zuck Meets Congress

  1. A string of excuses and avoidance. And he refused to face the UK Parliament too.
    Time he retired, and went off somewhere to spend his untold billions. At least he would generate something for a local economy, wherever he decided to settle.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Zuckerhead is a worthless, weaselly, lying, sack of egotistical shit. For two days, this Slim Shady motherfucker evaded, downplayed, hid behind impenetrable jargon, suffered from complete amnesia and outright lied his ass off… to mostly unprepared folks who can barely turn on a light bulb. Never mind understand how peoples private lives get turned into commodities via the Interwebs. What little I could stomach of this bullshit fountain went as follows…

    “Senator, I have no idea what the program I wrote/stole does. Nor do I have any idea what happens to the data strip-mined from our human resources…er…data that is given freely with “informed consent”. But I assure you, we respect the privacy of our commodities. As such, I promise to keep making empty promises about doing something that will slash into my profit margin. Trust me. I’m smarter than you & richer than you.”

    This is just par for the Loserbook course. Even after being caught/exposed, they always low-ball everything remotely negative. They keep all discussion limited to 100% undeniable minimums. (ie We believe Kennedy was shot at with one bullet by one person. Case closed. You can make it Top Secret now.”) Only later, as people stop paying attention, do more realistic numbers seep out. For example, the most recent Cambridge Analytica problem started with “only” 50 million users. Now the number is up to 87 million and will probably grow. They did the same with the number of people who saw Fake Election News. Every time I checked, the number got higher. Last time, it was higher than the number of people who voted.

    Another example from the testi-mockery….Question: “How much revenue did Loserbook earn from the user engagement that resulted from foreign propaganda?” Slim Shady’s answer focused exclusively on the lowest possible beyond-a-reasonable-doubt number…$100,000. But even Slim admits that was just from ONE Russian company. Who knows what percent the 100Gs actually represents of the total money from that Russian company? And how many dozens of better hidden, “non-Russian” outfits were doing this too? I doubt 100Gs even represents 10% of the real total. But Mr Shady sure as shit ain’t trying to find the truth out for us. He’s too busy helping OJ find the real killer.

    The notion this happens with Informed Consent is utter bullshit! Less than 0.001% of people have even partially read ANY Terms & Conditions “contract”…the intentionally confusing 700 page document that makes all this spying “legal”. Most of their addicts addicts don’t have ANY CLUE how invasive these websites are, what they gather, nor the potential negative outcomes. Hell, I consider myself a decently informed Hater and even I’ve never heard of some of the shit Loserbook does. And if you believe his Senate testimony…neither does Zuckerhead himself! He just has NO idea how he earns his billions. Just that he deserves them.

      1. And why would he do anything BUT lie? It’s clear only a couple Members of Congress have any clue what the fuck he’s talking about. The few questions/questioners that did got the “I’ll have to check with my team on that because it’s so important I give the right answer”. (Translation: Not only is the accusation correct, it’s probably even worse than that. So, I’m taking the 5th.)

        WHAT A MOTHERFUCKING CROCK! One second he confuses them with impenetrable jargon, the next he doesn’t even know conceptually how he “earns” his money from a “free service”. And 90+% of the idiots watching bought it.

        But also, as Sen. Kennedy (lone gunmen pending) more or less said “You can go home and do whatever the fuck you want because nobody here is going to stop you.” And none of them will. Not only that, because of his refusal to admit how deep the Loserbook spying is, his addicts will continue in their harmful self-delusion.

        I heard that because of the UPWARD stock market wing after his testi-mockery, he gained about $3 billion in net worth.

  3. I argue with Loserbook (etc) junkies all the time. These fucking morons actually believe Zuckerhead is giving them a special gift out of the kindness of his heart. He’s just a benevolent, Harvard educated, zillionaire whose mission in life is to create a world-wide group hug.

    First, there’s nothing remotely special about Loserbook. While slower & less pretty, I could do everything Loserbook does on the Webpipes in the early 90’s..for free, without ads…and without being spied on! What he & other tech-douches have actually done is to herd the sheeple off the Internet commons and onto their corporately owned feedlots. It’s made them all filthy rich in an industry that has relatively few employees. The societal benefit from all these websites is microscopic at best. Meanwhile, the costs are immeasurable. (Privacy, civility, common purpose, facts, truth, Trump, etc)

    Here’s just the undeniable FACT of it all….The extremely lucrative business model of Loserbook is to gather as much information on its junkies as possible and figure out ways to monetize it. In short, Loserbook is the world’s largest for-profit spy agency. Unlike government spy agencies, it doesn’t have laws, or regulations, to (pretend to) abide by. It’s only loyalty is to its greedy shareholders who can’t sell enough details about you.

    Until recently, the info has been used to serve up eyeballs of specifically targeted humans to overeager advertisers of worthless shit. That’s plenty bad enough. But as this scandal shows, it’s rapidly moving into the realm of propaganda and outright mind control. “Brain hacking” is a term that gets braggingly floated about to investors. What’s more valuable than the ability to make people do what you want without them knowing? Does anybody think these tech-douches are going to pass up that payday???

    As a wise-man in an Asian monastery once told me….

    “You don’t make hundreds of billions of dollars by giving your product to everyone for free. As Confucius say, The fisherman baits his hook with the free worm. The foolish fish bites because his appetites do his thinking for him. The fish’s free meal turns him into a free meal for the fisherman. Don’t bite the worm, Grasshopper…(and don’t put yourself in a Hung-Fu, you pervert!)”

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