The Sins Of Social Media

The Zuck-meister is testifying before Congress….he will be apologetic hoping that it will ward off any action by Congress….protect the cash, screw the user.

With the latest news of the use of Facebook’s members info has led to a new and fresh look at social media….new warnings, new worries, new possibilities……

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data exploitation crisis seems to be waking up a new wave of Americans to the fundamental downsides of our purposeful addiction to social media providers. Russia’s information war, designed to foment domestic unrest, exposed more of us to the reality of online manipulation, but many viewed this as a willful attack by an outsider, not reflective of a base problem with the social media platform business model.

This week’s outing of how and why Cambridge Analytica extracted vital, personal information on more than 50 million Americans for political reasons amplifies how dangerous the fundamental business model is to our national cohesion.

Do you remember the Dark Ages?

That historic age when all progress stopped and the world went into a period of ignorance……could this new info about what is going on with social media could it be leading us into a new form of the Dark Ages?

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is the latest in a series of incidents that, taken together, have contributed to a rising sense of alarm over the effects of social media — on human behaviour, on civil discourse, on democratic politics. A growing number of commentators have concluded that social media — shorthand for Facebook, Twitter and Google — are more a force for harm than good, whether in their own lives or society at large.

Certainly the effects are not trivial. Whether or not you think the more underhanded uses of social media — fake news, Russian bots, or the exploitation of improperly obtained personal data to compile detailed psychological profiles of tens of millions of voters — decided the course of the last U.S. presidential election, they plainly were of some importance, or those responsible would not have gone to such lengths to deploy them.

Andrew Coyne: The pessimists might be right, social media may have plunged us into a new dark age

Just a few thoughts in the aftermath of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica fiasco……

Beware of social media….best advice that I can give.

Trust No One But Yourself!


8 thoughts on “The Sins Of Social Media

  1. Such a dilemma. I have never been foolish enough to trust any social media (especially Facebook) to not betray all my details to the highest bidder. But with blogging as an example, I have been able to meet and converse with so many new people from around the globe. and some have even become real friends.
    Any sudden departure of the Internet would certainly send us back into a world we have almost forgotten how to cope in. Frightening indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. My Space was the first time I said “What the fuck is this useless nonsense?” It was just like reading posters on the wall of some teenage idiot who thinks any of us gives a shit what they like.

        From there, things have only gotten worse.

  2. Andrew Coyne….hehehe…I always laugh when I remember my short, humorous, personal run-in with him. (or for that matter, David Frum, or Trudeau…What a shameless name-dropper!!!) Let’s just say, Coyne was straight out of every 80’s frat-boy movie. (You’ve had enough nostalgia for today, Sedate Me. Reign it in.)

    But he’s right on every single point about the Dark Ages. Those are all the inescapable effects of these formats. But I say it’s intentional . It’s FAR easy to market products & bad ideas to people with a shorter attention span than goldfish ….and who are trapped in a feedback loop of stupidity with the media. (See: Trump & Fox NOISE)

    The Twit Zone is the perfect example of “intentional”. There’s NO technical reason whatsoever that they ever had to limit the number of letters in their comments. None! Text takes up virtually zero bandwidth. War & Peace takes up less space than a few hi-def pics, or a 5 second low-def video. The entire purpose of the artificial limit is to force short, sharp, emotionally driven responses. Why? Because armies of shrinks paid for by advertisers have determined that people in such heightened emotional states are easier to sell shit to. The LAST thing you want is an audience full of people used to measured, rational, thinking.

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