Syria–The Clock Is Ticking

The news came down that Syria has once again used chemical weapons on its citizens….about  year ago trump had to make a similar decision…..(read about it here)….

This should have been the lead because of the raid on Trump’s lawyer’s office……at this point….who cares?  We are about to attack a sovereign nation and possibly kill Russians or Iranians or Syrians and we are focused on some damn lawyer thing.

On Monday the president said that he would decide the response to the chem attack……..

President Trump on Monday said he would decide how to respond to a suspected chemical attack in Syria within 48 hours, reports the Hill. Trump had previously condemned the “animal Assad” by tweet over the civilian deaths, but he addressed the matter in person Monday with reporters. “It was atrocious. It was horrible,” said the president. “This is about humanity and it can’t be allowed to happen.” Trump said he’d be meeting with his national security team—including new national security adviser John Bolton, who starts Monday—to figure out the next steps. “If it’s the Russians, if it’s Syria, if it’s Iran, if it’s all of them together, we’ll figure it out,” he said.

Earlier Monday, defense chief Jim Mattis also called out Russia, reports USA Today. “The first thing we have to look at is why are chemical weapons still being used at all when Russia was the framework guarantor of removing all the chemical weapons,” he said. “And so, working with our allies and our partners from NATO to Qatar and elsewhere, we are going to address this issue.” The White House has asked the UN Security Council to launch an independent inquiry into the attack. (The US military hit a Syrian air force base last year, and one big question is whether Trump will be more aggressive this time.)

There is a familiar timeline on this situation….you may check it out here……

An alleged new ‘chemical incident’ in Syria reminds of a similar series of events we saw last year. We are told to believe that each time the U.S. pulls back from the war on Syria the Syrian government is responding with a ‘chemical attack’ that pulls the U.S. back in.

Trump was very vocal on how he  feels about these attacks on children…….and yet wants to know why we cannot killed the families of alleged terrorists with drone strikes…..

Trump has said “this is about humanity and we cannot let this go on”…….what about Yemen?  What about the deaths in Palestine?  Where does he draw the line on humanity?

Do not forget the babble that comes out of Nikki Haley’s mouth…..she is the consummate hypocrite….her fake outrage does NO one any good…..her idle words fall on deaf ears…..

We will see how many people the US action will cost….will it be note worthy?


12 thoughts on “Syria–The Clock Is Ticking

  1. I watched a protracted news report on this ‘chemical attack’. Other than some people having their faces washed with water, I saw no real evidence of chemicals, at least as shown on TV. I always regard these claims as justification for escalation, and I am very suspicious of them,
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “We are told to believe that each time the U.S. pulls back from the war on Syria the Syrian government is responding with a ‘chemical attack’ that pulls the U.S. back in.”

    Awfully convenient… I find it terribly hard to believe that for years as U.S.-backed insurgents claimed city after city in Syria and Assad was essentially cornered facing death and without any real international support he would refrain from using chemical weapons, but then once major international players like Turkey, Russia and Iran stepped in to assist and he gained control of most of the country he would then resort to using illegal weapons.

    After being assured victory, you do the one thing that could possibly cause a defeat?

    No, it’s not very convincing, particularly when the accusers have a proven track record of using false accusations about WMDs to invade countries and commit mass murder.

    1. I agree….makes little sense….and it does smell of an escalation…we have used humanitarian crisis too many times for them to be believable….chuq

      1. It seems homeland security wants to ‘scan’ 190,000 social media accounts & has outsourced it to a private company who will do the job for them…more tax payers money down the chute & hey while you are at it…watch your back,your profile is not too friendly to the establishment. 😉

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