Sunday And You Are What You Eat

It is another Sunday post and I try to help my readers that may be struggling with a few extra pounds…..there are more diets, miracle diets, than hairs on your butt……some make it all so extremely complicated…..and it need not be…..

Caloric intake could be the key to living longer, something we all wish to do, right?

Research has shown that sharp reductions in the amount of food consumed can help fish, rats and monkeys live longer. But there have been very few studies in humans.

Now, some researchers have found that when people severely cut calories, they can slow their metabolism and possibly the aging process.

Clinical physiologist Leanne Redman, who headed the study at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, says the first challenge was finding people willing to take part. After all, they would have to cut their typical plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner by up to 25 percent.

How about all those sports drinks?  Hell, they even have hard sparkling water….flavored….anyway instead of wasting money on those ever faddy sports drinks….try a banana…..

A banana might reasonably replace sports drinks for those of us who rely on carbohydrates to fuel exercise and speed recovery, according to a new study comparing the cellular effects of carbohydrates consumed during sports.

It found that a banana, with its all-natural package, provides comparable or greater anti-inflammatory and other benefits for athletes than sports drinks. But there may be a downside, and it involves bloating.

For decades, athletes and their advisers have believed, and studies have confirmed, that eating or drinking carbohydrates during prolonged exertion can enable someone to continue for longer or at higher intensities and recover more quickly afterward than if he or she does not eat during the workout.

There you are….the old Professor’s nutritional info for the week….go now and enjoy the rest of your Sunday…..spoil yourself eat some cheese cake….chuq


12 thoughts on “Sunday And You Are What You Eat

  1. Banana bloat is temporary and occurs most often when the fruit is mixed in a protein drink or something. If you eat them by themselves, the chance of bloat are diminished and the bloat tends to disappear conveniently eventually. It is like consuming too much protein (concentrated) at a sitting. Same effect. But I do like the carb charge of a banana as a pre-workout fuel … for sure. My favorite, actually!

  2. 1) I laugh at the caloric intake reduction idea. You don’t have to go back more than a couple generations to find when such a “dramatic reduction” was considered “living high on the hog”. Since then, we’ve completely bastardized the food system in order to crank out ever cheaper (and less nutritional) units purely for the sake of mass profits for mega-corporations. It’s all about producing and selling in large volume. And that results in customers with “high volume”.

    As with almost everything today, the solution is to go back to the way things were before we fucked it up.

    2) Almost anything in a plastic bottle just ain’t worth it.

    a) It’s almost all bottled by the pop mon-pop-oly. They’ll try to trick you with deceptive marketing, added artificial vitamins, etc. But those motherfuckers won’t sell you ANYTHING that’s actually good for you. It’s ALL about moving the white powder (sugars). Just check the nutritional labels.

    b) The goddamn plastic! It’s not only killing the environment, it’s poisoning the entire food chain, including us. I just saw a CBC Marketplace story on bottled water and how much plastic you will ingest by drinking ONE damn bottle. (At least a human hair’s worth) If the sugar in the drinks don’t kill you, all those chemicals & hormones in the bottle will.

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