Is There A Natural High?

A Sunday and there is a good chance I will post something that will irritate and possibly educate…..

Ever heard the expression…….he is on a natural high?

Is it possible to get high naturally and I am not talking about ‘shrooms or weed or stuff like that….nope I am talking about a real natural high….

Well?  Is It Possible?

Even Dr Gonzo, the hell-raising Samoan attorney in Hunter S Thompson’s novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1972), wouldn’t touch ‘extract of pineal’. That stuff was the limit: ‘One whiff of that shit would turn you into something out of a goddamn medical encyclopaedia! Man, your head would swell up like a watermelon, you’d probably gain about a hundred pounds in two hours … claws, bleeding warts, then you’d notice about six huge hairy tits swelling up on your back… Man, I’ll try just about anything; but I’d never in hell touch a pineal gland.’

While Dr Gonzo avoided the pineal, others have celebrated this small, pinecone-shaped endocrine gland near the centre of the brain. Notably, the psychiatrist Rick Strassman has championed the pineal gland as a possible source of the powerful psychoactive compound DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine). Struck by the ‘blinding light of pineal DMT’, Strassman has suggested in his 2001 best-seller, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, that the mammalian pineal gland could be a gateway between life and death.

There you go…..and I must go and get high off my own brain power……(a beautiful thing….my brain)

Time is short and I am going to finish my day in the garden with a glass of Old Crow……chuq


8 thoughts on “Is There A Natural High?

  1. I need to get a bunch of prescriptions from Dr Gonzo. Otherwise, I doubt I’ll last much longer in the New Millennium without jumping in front of a bus.

    I’m thinking of renting a warehouse to store them.

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