Your State’s History

Do you know the defining moment in history for your state?

According to the link below this is the defining moment in Mississippi’s history…..

> Event: Lynching of Emmett Till
> Year: 1955
> Location: Money

The lynching of 14-year-old African American Emmett Till shocked the nation and served as a catalyst for the civil rights movement. Till, a Chicago resident, was visiting relatives in Mississippi. He was kidnapped and killed after white residents in the town of Money claimed he whistled at a white woman. When Till’s body was found it was grotesquely disfigured and his mother chose to have an open casket at his wake to show the world the horror of the crime. There was a trial and the accused murders were acquitted by an all-white, male jury. In January 2017, Timothy Tyson, author of “The Blood of Emmett Till,” said the woman whom Till allegedly made advances toward told him she lied about the incident.

This was one of the defining moments of the Civil Rights movement but there are a couple of other events that defined Mississippi more…..

The establishing the Republic of West Florida in 1810 or the capture of Aaron Burr accused of treason in 1807…..Burr  was arrested in Mississippi Territory…….

Check out your state and let me know if you agree with the link…..

Most Important Historical Event in Every State


12 thoughts on “Your State’s History

  1. That’s a very sad historical legacy for a state, chuq.
    In my ‘county’ (as you know we don’t have states ) the claim to fame is that Admiral Nelson was born here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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