You Are What You Eat

Seriously?  Easter on April Fools Day?  The jokes will write themselves…….I will stop here before some one decides to think that I am anti-religion (they would be accurate in most cases)……..

My Sunday and I am in the process of deciding what I will consume today…..a decision most of us make.  Some of us are on diets which is a good thing and some of us are trying this diet or that….but truly which diet is the best?

A question that we all have asked from time to time…..and the answer is….who f*cking knows?  Since there has never been an accurate study of these fads side by side.

I have this lady friend who goes from one fad diet to another….from drinking butter in her coffee to a steady diet of walnuts and she is always having one health problem after another and cannot understand why because the diets promise a long healthy life.

The big things these days is the “Paleo” diet……food our cave dwelling ancestors would have eaten…..some say it is a miracle….(btw I do not endorse one diet over another and I get NO compensation by offering these alternatives)

It’s beyond strange that so many humans are clueless about how they should feed themselves. Every wild species on the planet knows how to do it; presumably ours did, too, before our oversized brains found new ways to complicate things. Now, we’re the only species that can be baffled about the “right” way to eat.

Really, we know how we should eat, but that understanding is continually undermined by hyperbolic headlines, internet echo chambers, and predatory profiteers all too happy to peddle purposefully addictive junk food and nutrition-limiting fad diets. Eating well remains difficult not because it’s complicated but because the choices are hard even when they’re clear.

I have read many blogs about diet and losing weight…it seems that there are a wealth of experts on the subject and it might all be as simple as “when” you eat not a whole lot else……

It’s beginning to look like a concept called TRF—or, time-restricted feeding—is going to be around for a while in the arena of diet and nutrition. The Washington Post has a feature on it, while the Wall Street Journal and others have covered it previously. The idea is surprisingly simple but backed up by a growing body of research: It’s not so much what you eat as when you eat. More specifically, TRF suggests people should do all their eating in a 12-hour window, though research suggests they’ll get more benefits if they can shrink that to, say, an eight-hour window. One of the lead researchers on the subject is Satchin Panda of the Salk Institute in San Diego, who thinks that humans aren’t built to handle 24-hour access to food and the constant grazing that often results.

“If you’re eating all the time, it messes up that pattern,” he says of our circadian rhythm. His first studies on mice showed a range of health benefits—weight loss, less diabetes, etc.—and follow-up studies on humans seem to support the concept. Another researcher, Courtney Peterson of the University of Alabama, will report in a soon-to-be-published study that men diagnosed as pre-diabetic saw marked improvement after restricting their eating to between 8am and 2pm. Exactly how TRF results in benefits remains a little unclear, but in broad strokes, the body seems to better metabolize calories this way. “I think that within 10 years we will have some really clear guidelines for meal timing,” says Peterson. “But we are in the early stages.” Other researchers are more cautious, with one noting that it’s “extraordinarily complex to actually nail this down.” (Bad news on yo-yo dieting.)

Me?  I eat a balanced diet….meat, potatoes, greens, etc….I eat lots of eggs, cheese, honey, nuts, fruits and wine……I am old fashion….I do not push one diet over another and would never tell anyone to eat as I do……our bodies are complex and it needs a proper diet so all systems are fed and work as they were intended.

If one is constantly changing diets then the body is not getting the nourishment that it needs….

Be well, be safe……chuq


27 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. I had a friend who rarely ate anything after dark. He ate normal meals all day, then stopped eating around six, earlier in the winter. It seemed to work for him very well, though he sadly died from bone cancer aged 57.
    I doubt I could do that, as I much prefer to eat in the evenings. Daytime eating makes me feel sluggish in the afternoon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. we all try a diet now and then….I just eat my usual and it is working well…I have gained some since the operation and now I am trying to exercise more….chuq

  2. When I developed Wegener’s granulomatosis, a form of vasculitis that has unknown causes and is potentially fatal without treatment, a health nut at work told me I should stop taking the poison prescribed by the doctor and “cure” myself with specific vitamins she happened to sell! Another co-worker with MS was going to be “cured” if she took other vitamins sold by this same person.

    The thing I’ve learned since coming down with a disease of this magnitude and potential to kill is there are no end of health nuts who, with no qualifications other than the untested testimonies of other hucksters or ignorant health nuts. go about our world trying to sell special miracle diets or cures.

    In my instance where the vitamin-selling co-worker tried to “cure” me with her vitamins, I told her, “I can control this disease with the medication prescribed by my doctors or die taking your vitamins.” Literally! WG can kill you within two years, with roughly 60% dead with five months if untreated, if I recall the statistics.

    If anyone tries to sell you a diet, make sure they have serious credentials, then ignore them and eat a moderate diet of foods you like and know you still will die in your time. Guaranteed! More exercise? Not a bad idea for feeling more comfortable in your body and looking better, of course, but the Jim Fixx rule applies. Sometimes doing the right thing may not save you from early death, either.

    Sorry to put out such negativity on Easter, but if it makes you feel better (and you believe), remember the promise Of Christ that you will have eternal life in him. Don’t know if that means there are double bacon cheeseburgers with no health consequences in Heaven, but you can hope!…/the-doctor-s-world-james-fixx-the-enigma-of-heart-disease.html

      1. With my health issues and my age, there always is a possibility the kitty boys will need to be re-homed as elderly kitties. While I’d hope to have them placed in the same home, that could be problematic. I’ve =talked with my attorney about how to turn them into heirs where a certain sum of money goes with them on the condition the cats stay together and they are treated certain ways they have come to expect. He noted the law regards them as property (hiss! boo!), that there are more things against this happening than those for.

      2. That is a good idea….my puppies have home with my daughter….really had nor thought about that issue and now I gotta check cannot let them get separated….chuq

      3. I’ve been forced to think about it, though I’ve not worked out any final solution that I can count on. My lawyer pretty much showed me how complicated it will be since I won’t be around to verify a satisfactory resolution of my wishes once I’m dead.

      4. Fortunate indeed! I don’t have family here or close by or they’d inherit Andy and Dougy were I to die first! LOL!

      5. Yes, I have put out the word, though no one’s bravely stepped forward yet. You have to realize that I am fairly frank when I talk about this, using the “d” word. I’m comfortable with the fact I will die one day, that the kitty boys aren’t immortal, yet many people feel it’s bad luck or tempting fate to say it out loud, making it difficult to talk about placing the kitty boys in another home should I die or, less tedious, or require moving to a care center. It’s just plain old end term stuff we all face!

      6. I know a few people that will not mention the “d” word which is damn silly…..good luck with you hunt….chuq

  3. I’m basically down to 2 bowls of gruel a day and -on special occasions- a small tin of cat food. My dogs aren’t the only ones looking at squirrels & drooling these days.

    Anyway…Perhaps the best diet of all is the Passive Aggressive Diet: The harder something is being sold to you, the more you should resist eating it.

    Apples don’t need advertising. They’re good for you and can grow damn near anywhere, even your backyard. On the other hand, corporations sell unhealthy, manufactured, products. The cheaper the better. They’ve always used ads to drive sales. Increasingly, they’re also using addictive properties (sugar, salt, etc) to move more units. Places like McShit are 100% advertising driven. Nobody would eat that shit if it wasn’t so over-hyped. Places like that also trade on peer pressure. A triple paddy bacon cheeseburger delivered on a forklift by construction workers (real ad!) “proves” how much of a man you are…a man who’ll “stroke out” by age 45.

    Meanwhile…While a handful are based on actual research (ie Dr Fuhrman’s Nutritarian-ism)…The vast majority of “diets” are just straight-up con jobs based upon absolutely NOTHING other than the desire to get rich. They’re designed to sell shit to gullible women desperate to be thin…but not desperate enough to ditch the ice-cream & chocolate! Women’s magazines hype these “miracles” almost every month, largely because they sell way more magazines. That, and the magazine’s publisher also publishes the very same diet books.

    Even the ones that “work” don’t really. They rob you of nutrition and “work” only for as long as you can force that gimmick down your gullet. At which point, your body goes into famine mode and your relapse packs on more pounds than before you started.

    1. Apples do not grow well down here…I do grow plums, peaches, figs, grapes…I like fruit….I agree with you on “diets”….chuq

      1. Figs??? Isn’t that a desert crop? (Or is that dates? Dr They strikes again!)

        Poor apple crops? I wouldn’t consider your area prime apple territory, but still. It could be an “industrial agriculture” thing. Like with pigs, tomatoes, chickens, dairy cattle, etc…the handful of varieties left that commercial agriculture still uses just don’t grow well in your neck of the swamp. I bet there are some forgotten/extinct varieties of apples that would work. Maybe they only like to grow in the bush. (I met an apple tree variety like that once. Small but powerful!) Like with so much else, the food industry has just abandoned them because they’re “too ugly”, “too small”, “too sour”, etc to sell in high volume. Such is the perverted nature of the modern food industry. Just another “widget” to move.

        We’ve forgotten so much about food and basic self-sufficiency. I grew up on a farm. Even though mono-crop, chemical based, agriculture had taken over, the old knowledge literally still surrounded me. On the fence lines and woodlot, there were a dozen really old, totally neglected, produce trees. Apples, pears and berries of varieties I’ve never seen before, or since. The trees were probably a hundred years old, half dead, but still producing. My parents planted a few new trees in the back yard. We got wheelbarrows of apples & cherries from only 2 small trees. Peaches, which should not work in Canuckistan outside of Niagara & BC, somehow worked great. Pears & plums should have worked, but only produced 2-3 fruits a year. But they were so good, they gave me mouth-orgasms. All of the produce was WAY better than any of the tasteless-but-pretty shit you find at supermarkets…and it was free!!!

        Unfortunately, thanks to the fucking pesticides, we’ve have a massive bee die-off and the production has shrivelled up like an old man’s balls in a Canadian winter.

        But this is the kind of knowledge we must rediscover if anyone is to survive the impending Robot Apocalypse.

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