The Red Snake

It is Saturday and I am in an historic frame of mind…..

I am a member of a program that takes mere civilians to analyze satellite images for possible archeological sites…..while looking at an image of Northern Iran I spotted a long line that looked like a wall of about 120 miles in length…..I know that there are a few walls that are very long…the Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall in Britain……being the geek I started researching for a possible explanation and after awhile I found one……

The ‘Red Snake’ in northern Iran, which owes its name to the red colour of its bricks, is at least 195km long. A canal, 5m deep or more, conducted water along most of the Wall. Its continuous gradient, designed to ensure regular water flow, bears witness to the skills of the land-surveyors responsible for marking out the Wall’s route. Over 30 forts are lined up along this massive structure.

Their combined size is about three times that of those on Hadrian’s Wall. Yet these forts are small in comparison with contemporary fortifications in the hinterland, some of which are around ten times larger than the largest Wall forts. The ‘Red Snake’ is unmatched in so many respects and an enigma in yet more. Even its length is unclear: its western terminal was flooded by the rising waters of the Caspian Sea, while to the east it runs into the unexplored mountainous landscape of the Elburz Mountains. An Iranian team, under the direction of Jebrael Nokandeh, has been exploring this Great Wall since 1999. In 2005 it became a joint Iranian and British project.

So I did not find a new site but I got to do what I enjoy…..research….

Your history lesson is complete……

Enjoy your day….chuq

6 thoughts on “The Red Snake

  1. I vaguely remember mention of this wall in an historical novel, ages ago. Great to find out the facts behind it. Thanks, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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