When Is Meddling Not Meddling?

Election meddling is fascinating……plus the news loves it also……

Yes it is a given fact that Russia meddled into our election process…..I could write a post about that but no need there has been enough ink wasted on this subject.  I use “wasted” because there are still some, about 35%, of the population that still does not think that Russia’s  meddling is no big deal……these are the same “people” that called for the total destruction of the country 25 years ago……what changed?

I will instead write about the US meddling in other country’s elections…..

The US does not have clean hands when it suits them…..Guatemala, Iran, Chile…..just to mention a few…..

Always underpinning the US investigations into allegations of Russian election meddling was the unspoken reality that the US too has a history of meddling in foreign elections when it suits their interests.

James Woolsey, the CIA Director from 1993 to 1995, addressed questions on that point, admitting that the US has interfered in elections in the past, but “only for a very good cause,” and when they thought rigging the vote would benefit democracy.

“It was for the good of the system,” Woolsey insisted. Researchers suggest  the US interfered in elections at least 81 times since World War 2, far more often than Russia. Some analysts are arguing that the two are not equivalent, however, because the US meddling was “pro-democracy” in intent.

Yet a casual look at CIA involvement in regime changes shows myriad times when US interference involved ousting democratically elected governments, often by orchestrating coups, to prop up regimes seen more favorable to US interests. In the 1950s, this included regime change in Iran to support BP oil profits, and one in Guatemala for United Fruit Company.


The only difference between US meddling in elections and that of Russia is our meddling cost people their lives…..Russia’s just gave MSM a news story that keeps on giving.

7 thoughts on “When Is Meddling Not Meddling?

  1. We meddle, they meddle back.
    But our meddling is right, and their meddling is wrong.
    It’s all just nonsense.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. “Our’s cost lives”….This makes good copy for the press and I try to help those understand and some take it as an attack and go into defensive mode…..I love this sh*t…LOL chuq

  2. I don’t consider any (legit) story on meddling in any election anywhere to be a “waste”. Might not be effective in changing minds, but what the hell is anymore?

    1. Woops, I lopped off

      “And anybody who messes with elections…probably isn’t really a friend of democracy.”

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