Someone Please Explain

Not long ago the US was threatened by North Korea’s Lil Kim and our president went on a Twitter storm leveled at Lil Kim….and then the war of words back and forth for what seemed like months….

Now fast forward to this week…..Russia’s Putin gave an interview that basically threatened the US wit nukes…..

Vladimir Putin’s annual speech to lawmakers Thursday contained what appears to be a jarring threat to the US and the rest of the world: Russia has a new, “invincible” missile that can go anywhere and cannot be stopped, he said. A video graphic behind Putin showed a missile taking off from Russia, zooming across the Atlantic to South America, then turning north toward the US, reports the Washington Post. “I hope everything that has been said today will sober any potential aggressor,” Putin said, without naming names. He added that Russia had developed the nuclear-capable weapon, which “missile defenses will be useless against,” despite skepticism about Moscow’s abilities. “Nobody listened to us,” he said, per NBC News. “Well listen to us now.”

Putin, who asserted that Moscow has “no plans to be an aggressor,” also said Russia had a new underwater drone capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, reports the AP. And he declared that any use of nuclear weapons against one of its allies—again, he did not mention specific nations—would be considered a nuclear attack on Russia and that Moscow would respond in kind. All in all, the two-hour speech suggested “a new arms race” between Russia and the West, observes the Guardian. The speech comes less than three weeks before Putin is expected to easily win another six-year term, reports the BBC. He used much of the address to focus on economic reforms, promising among other things to reduce the rate of poverty by half in the next six years.

So far nothing flying off the thumbs of Trump over this claim….

Please someone explain to me the difference between the two…other than one likes kimchi and the other borscht….

A nuke threat is a nuke threat and they all should be handle with an even hand…..

Time to tell us why Russia gets a free ride and North Korea gets nothing of this….why?

7 thoughts on “Someone Please Explain

  1. The DPRK may or may not have a nuclear capability. If it does, it will be very small.
    Russia is not someone to be messed with in the same way of course, so I think Trump’s silence is unsurprising.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’ve said this one for a while too..(Recurring theme here.) “The Hawks’ best friends are the Hawks on the opposing side.”

    If not for the aggressive, combative, “evil” enemies out to destroy “us”…where would our stupid bullies, thugs and wasters of trillions on war-toys be? Their enemy is their greatest ally. Without them, they might have to look after their people for a change.

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