Fake News And World War Two

There has been a bunch of crap these days about so-called “fake news”…..this technique is nothing new….Hell fake news has been used since the dawn of time just it makes a much better slogan these days than in the past……it use to be called “propaganda”…..

But as long as we are talking about fake news let’s talk about its use in World War Two.

And yes it was used extensively but both sides during the war and there was even a time that it was used to get the US to commit to the war in Europe…..

In the spring of 1940, British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill was certain of one thing for his nation caught up in a fight to the death with Nazi Germany: Without American support his nation might not survive. But the vast majority of Americans—better than 80 percent by some polls—opposed joining the fight to stop Hitler. Many were even against sending any munitions, ships or weapons to the United Kingdom at all. To save his country, Churchill had not only to battle the Nazis in Europe, he had to win the war for public opinion among Americans. He knew just the man for the job.

In May 1940, as defeated British forces were being pushed off the European continent at Dunkirk, Churchill dispatched a soft-spoken, forty-three-year-old Canadian multimillionaire entrepreneur to the United States. William Stephenson traveled under false diplomatic passport. MI6—the British secret intelligence service—directed Stephenson to establish himself as a liaison to American intelligence. He went to the White House where the President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, remained deeply concerned about the fate of Great Britain. To Stephenson’s dismay, he learned that the U.S. government had no coordinated central command for spies and counterintelligence. Stephenson would have to create one on London’s behalf in America. Before long, Britain’s lone secret agent in the Americas built a vast clandestine propaganda, counterintelligence, and espionage empire.


I love history and I do like to share it with my readers….it is my hope that my readers learn something from these posts…..but then I may be asking for too much.


6 thoughts on “Fake News And World War Two

  1. Britain did well, trying to draw allies into WW2 (and confound the enemies) with all kinds of stories and propaganda.
    Nothing new about fake news indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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