Conscription Is Not The Answer

For years I have been bitching about that their is NO shared experience by the American people when it comes to all these wars the US fights….I have even said that I might support the action to bring back the draft.

Not that I am a war lover on the contrary I am as antiwar as they come and have been since 1971.  But when about 1% of the population knows the horrors of war then it is time for the rest of the country learn a thing or two.

I never thought a draft would make it easier only that more of the country would suffer the horrors military families face daily…..thus the country would possibly re-think the constant war footing.

Being a stand up type of guy I will offer up an opposite thought on conscription…….

Every now and then the old argument that the draft should be reinstated pops back up. Most recently it appeared here at The American Conservative in a piece by Dennis Laich and Lawrence Wilkerson that contended America’s all-volunteer force is deeply unfair. Without directly stating it, they implied that the draft should be brought back.

“Said more explicitly,” they write, “if the sons and daughters of members of Congress, of the corporate leadership, of the billionaire class, of the Ivy Leagues, of the elite in general, were exposed to the possibility of combat, would we have less war?”

Source: Bringing Back the Draft Won’t Stop Unnecessary Wars | The American Conservative

I will agree with their conclusion…..but restatement of conscription would resurrect a dead antiwar movement and maybe we could end some of the wasteful use of American lives.

This country desperately needs a renewed antiwar….seeing how Congress will do the job it is up to the people to bring all this insanity to an end.

Stand Up To End These Damn Wars!

10 thoughts on “Conscription Is Not The Answer

  1. My main issue with compulsory military service is that the sons of the rich and famous often find ways to get exemptions. Or in extreme cases, they just leave the US and hide in another country. Only the ‘ordinary’ people would end up being unable to avoid conscription.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree with that I would be for it only if everyone is in the pool……and the way immigration is these days then they would be hell pressed to find another country….chuq

  2. You echo my concern as well, chuq. Obviously you been in the middle of combat before and that surely can make one very sensitive to wars and even the idea of conscription. But we do tend to get into these damn conflicts all too often.. and usually for the wrong damn reasons. I may hold American democracy on a pedestal but this idea that we need to push this on other countries is totally absurd. Imagine some country trying to do today what we did back in 1776. If France back then were like America today they would have helped the colonists fight Britain by sending over an entire army to call the shots, to make sure we adopted French-style government in our fight for independence, and make sure we “elect” a pro-French first president.

  3. I once saw an interview with Navy Seal, turned biker, turned wrestler, turned actor, turned sports commentator, turned Governor, turned TV conspiracy theorist…Jesse the Body Ventura. (“The scum also rises to the top.”)

    In the interview, he said that the political involvement he regrets the most was protesting to end the draft. With Vietnam, you saw all kinds of ordinary kids’ lives getting destroyed for nothing, while the privileged kids got deferments, or National Guard duty, etc. (a shot at Bush2) That’s why he was against the draft and was glad to see it go.

    Decades later (I believe it was around 2000) he saw how a Volunteer Army made matters worse. Today, it isn’t just the privileged that remain safe at home. It’s damn near everybody. Other than some Army “legacies” doing their civic duty, it’s almost entirely the underprivileged getting sacrificed…while getting paid squat. “The average American has no skin in the game.” So they don’t worry. They don’t protest. “Hey, they VOLUNTEERED for this!” If anything, the Military Industrial Complex employs so many people that their income depends on war. War is just too easy now.

    Ventura is one crazy bastard, but he’s bang on with this one and (as much as I hate the concept of conscription) he knocked me off the fence-post. When only 1% have any “skin in the game”, nobody else gives a fuck. Especially in today’s culture where nobody has to hear anything they don’t want to. Afghanistan is living proof. Most people don’t even know it’s still going on, if they ever even knew there was a war there. I personally don’t even remember the last time I saw a story about it.

    But if half, or more, of the population could (even theoretically) get their ass blown off…suddenly people will get more interested.

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