Let’s Blame The Illuminati

My Sunday begins and I am dreading my trip to the surgeon tomorrow see that he can look at his handy work…..maybe a beer and the garden will calm my mind…….but first…..

Personally I believe the “Ignorati” is in charge but for this post I would like to talk about the shadowy organization that some like Alex Jones believes is controlling everything we see and do…..yep I am talking about the “Illuminati”

Yep that organization that was born the same year as this country…1776……but is it really all that powerful?

If the Illuminati is real, it’s got to be the least secret secret society in the universe. It’s so bad at keeping itself hidden that its existence is proclaimed all over the internet by people whose investigative toolkit consists entirely of Google and a lively imagination.

The most recent would-be whistleblower, however, is far from your usual ex-sports commentator. Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian minister of defence, has blamed the Illuminati for suppressing technology brought to Earth by aliens that could end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Why the possessors of such fantastic kit should prefer to cash in on the extraction of still abundant oil rather than on their incredible, exclusive alternative is mysterious. But since the whole point about secret all-powerful elites is that they are mysterious, maybe that’s to be expected. Perhaps the Illuminati is like that…….


Food for thought on this Sunday afternoon…..enjoy your day and I shall be back Monday after the doctor has his way with me…..chuq


18 thoughts on “Let’s Blame The Illuminati

  1. Hey, one of my very first votes was cast for Paul Hell-yeah! and his merry band of anti-establishment, anti-globalization, anti-private banking, types…the Canadian Action Party. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Action_Party

    You see, I was still…”struggling” in the dating pool…and what better way to solve that than voting for more action for Canadians like me! …That and I liked their trade, economic, and nationalistic policies.

    Yes, one can easily knock people for believing in Illuminati conspiracies…and probably should. However, whether an actual organization called The Illuminati actually exists, or not, isn’t terribly relevant.

    The fact is that the world is/has been globalized by callous, reptilian-like, elites who generally hide in the shadows. They live in obscenely large, inaccessible, compounds (often in gated communities) and work in large, inaccessible, towers. Rarely to they appear in public. They occasionally attend closed meetings at “economic forums” & the like. And when they do step in front of a camera, they’re almost never held to account by the media for anything. Most of the time, they’re given on-screen “handies” They’ve successfully weakened & superseded governments in order to promote their own political & economic agenda at the expense of all others.

    If The Illuminati itself doesn’t really exist, could you tell the difference?

      1. Well, “Ignorati” is most certainly accurate. To think that the GOP (allegedly) used to be the party of the reserved, dignified, intellectual elite…the “adults” in the room….Wow! It’s hard to even imagine that was the case now. Today, they’re a party packed full of Squidbillies who give the 1% political power. Kinda like this here edumacational, televisual, clipification.

        But today, even the 1%’s sock-puppets (aka politicians) are complete fucktards…because that’s what voters can relate to…and it’s about all our culture can produce. As long as the Powers That Be get whatever they want and are safely tucked away from the chaos they’ve created, that’s all that matters.

      2. Biggest losers? Control of the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and well…control of a big chunk of the population’s “thinking” process…

        I can think of one group that are even bigger losers. (Hint: Starts with a “D”)

      3. Oops, forgot to mention that said loser group was beaten by a bunch of said “biggest losers” & Squidbillies

      4. I’m sure you’ve lived next door to a lot of Squidbillies over the years. (Uh oh, here’s comes yet another diversionary, totally unasked-for, inappropriate-tangent session….)

        I LOVE that fucking show! Been a fan of Early Cuyler (aka Unknown Hinson aka Stuart Daniel Baker) since seeing his insane, zero-budget, Charlotte cable access show “Wild Wild South” onna them there Sat-on-a-light dishes back in the early 90’s. I’m pretty sure the show was all ad-lib & live, with some taped bits inserted. It was just them, a couple cameramen and maybe a guest. This was LONG before Larry The Cable Guy, etc.

        On the show Hinson ranted, gave out self-help tips, sang songs, “interviewed” guests and waved his pistol around. His co-host, Rebel Helms, ate fried/pickled food almost constantly (The actor died of a heart attack, iffin’ I recall) And every episode had an obligatory Punch & Judy style puppet show between Hinson Puppet and Leebrul Puppet, a sheep with 666 on its forehead. And because I’m drunk as HAIL & absolutely desperate for a laugh, I done found us a clip. (Sorry. Can’t help myself. Sorry.)

        In part#1…Baker’s alter-ego, Unknown Hinson, interviews Hinson’s alter-ego/arch-enemy Veg McArtful. If you make it that far, in the shorter part #2 (next in the UselessTube cue), McArtful sings a song, “I Would Love To Share A Veggie Burger With You” and the hosts preform one of their (least funny) puppet shows. (I got better ones, Just ask.)

        Uh, where hail was I….
        But for some unknown reason, despite late-night Squidbillies marathons every single weekend, Cartoon Network’s Canuckistan version only shows episodes from the first 5-6 seasons. They do the same with Archer, only they leave out the first 2-3 seasons. Other than “ISIS”, I just can’t explain why they don’t show episodes from all seasons of their own damn networks’ shows.

        Must be that damn, son-bitchin’, Illuminati!!! (Huzzah, relevancy!)

      5. The limited reruns is because they want everyone to stream their shit…..nice idea but not everyone has extra cash laying around to join these sites. YEP the damn Illuminati has us by the nuts…..chuq

      6. When I found out Squidbillies didn’t end after Season 6, I kinda wonnered iffin’ whut you suggested might be the case. It’s exactly whut dem chalky media types in Hotlanta would come up with to rob the ordinary Merkan of his hard earned money. They’s worse than the damn Revenuers themselves!!!

        While these overpaid media “geniuses” might think pulling that kind of bullshit is yet another great idea that will “earn” big bonuses, it still doesn’t make any actual sense . These stupid media “geniuses” need to stop (as I call it) “digging for truffles”…trying to find treasures in crevices to prove how fucking smart they are…and realize where their sum-bitchin’ bread is buttered!!! Like cash, TV is King, baby. (KING is actually the name of a TV station.)

        Nobody with a fucking brain in their head pays to stream shit. And those that do ain’t got no money neither, least not for long. The Interwebs is the place you go to get shit WITHOUT paying for it! If forced watch TV on the Web-pipes, more & more peoples will gravitates to that there “Darkie-Web” where dey can get every episode of every televisual show for free…and ad free too! (I ain’t not seen a single Interweb ad in over 3 years!) Downloading on the Darkie-Web generates ZERO revenue for them when they could be at least getting ad revenue from folks watching the very same episodes on TV…(aka their bread & butter!) Why not run all the episodes whut you already done paid to make? Shit, even just once or twice! You’ve got airtime to fill, dumbass. Iffin’ you don’t want to own a TV channel anymore, I’ll take it off yer som-bitchin’ hands!!!

        Anyway..while on this completely unwarranted tangent…I found a few of episodes of Wild Wild South on UselessTube. Still funny as fuck! More laughs-per-dollar-spent than any show ever. But I forgot to mention that…after every puppet show designed to “teach the young’erns some proper morals”…they end the show with a good ol’ fashioned prayer. It was a great way to both wrap up all the show’s themes and kill an extra few minutes. And when moved by the Holy Spirits, Unknown Hinson starts speaking in tongues. (Example below)

        Again, sorry. I really need to stop myself…but this & the alcyhol is all wut gets me through the day anymore. I be rollin’ & tumblin’ on Satan’s rotisserie for all eternity. Rollin’ & tumblin’.

      7. There are at least 6 different services one can subscribe….probably more and none have the same shows to offer…..cash cow….chuq

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