Arming Teachers?

Let’s see one idea floated by the NRA or was it Trump or who the Hell was it?  Is to arm teachers…in other words put guns in classrooms…..what moron thinks this is a good idea?

President Trump has proposed a pay rise for teachers—armed ones, that is. The president said Thursday that arming teachers would make schools “hardened targets,” and teachers who undergo weapons training and carry guns should get a bonus, CNN reports. “These people are cowards. They’re not going to walk into a school if 20% of the teachers have guns—it may be 10% or may be 40%. And what I’d recommend doing is the people that do carry, we give them a bonus. We give them a little bit of a bonus,” he said. The president slammed gun-free zones, saying they were like “ice cream” to killers. “They see that as such a beautiful target,” he said. “They live for gun-free zones.” More:

  • Teachers’ union responds. American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten said union members aren’t interested in Trump’s proposal. “Teachers don’t want to be armed,” he said. “We want to teach. We don’t want to be, and would never have the expertise needed to be, sharp shooters; no amount of training can prepare an armed teacher to go up against an AR-15.”
  • NRA “reeled Trump back in.” Democrats accused Trump of parroting the ideas of the gun lobby, the New York Times reports. “Not surprised the NRA reeled President Trump back in,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “Just amazed at how fast it happened.” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said: “No police officer, no educator of any note is advocating that what we need is more weapons on school campuses rather than fewer.”
  • Shooter drills are “very negative.” The president said school shooting drills were tough on kids and they’re not something he wants to talk to his son about. “Active shooter drills is a very negative thing, I’ll be honest with you,” he said. “I think that’s a very negative thing to be talking about.” The Hill reports that White House spokesman Raj Shah later said Trump sees active shooter drills as a “bad brand” and thinks they should have a less frightening name, like “safety drills.”
  • Bucking the NRA. Trump’s critics accuse him of being too cozy with the NRA, though some of his proposed policies put him directly at odds with the group, the AP reports. The president says he supports banning people under 21 from buying semi-automatic weapons, and he believes the NRA will eventually support the plan. “Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue – I hope!” he tweeted Thursday.
  • Listening phase. Aides say Trump, who met with attorneys general Thursday as well as state leaders, is still in the “listening phase” amid calls for action after the Parkland shooting, the Washington Post reports. The White House says, however, says proposals to ban semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 are not being considered.
  • “Fake News.” Trump returned to an old theme Thursday following a Fox report on CNN’s emotional town hall meeting in Florida Wednesday night, where Sen. Marco Rubio and an NRA spokeswoman were jeered by a crowd that included school shooting survivors. “School shooting survivor says he quit @CNN Town Hall after refusing scripted question,” Trump tweeted. “Just like so much of CNN, Fake News. That’s why their ratings are so bad! MSNBC may be worse.”
  • “One of the greatest people I have ever known.” The AP reports that a funeral was held Thursday for Aaron Feis, the football coach killed while shielding students during the Parkland shooting. Joe LaGuardia, who went to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with Feis, called him “one of the greatest people I have ever known.”

(Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says he was “devastated” to discover that the armed resource officer assigned to the school stayed outside instead of trying to stop the shooter.)

I was trying to put this in words that were not filled with expletives…was having a hard time at that attempt….and then I read a good op-ed on this very subject…..

After the most recent school shooting, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a 19-year old gunman was charged with killing 17 people, debate flows freely, yet again, on how to best prevent these tragedies from ever happening. Anyone with a heart can surely agree this is the overall goal. The morning after the shooting, NC State Representative Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus County) stated that he wants to work with police to train and allow teachers to carry guns in attempt to limit the death and destruction caused during a school shooting.

“We have to get over this useless hysteria about guns and allow school personnel to have a chance to defend their lives and those of their students,” Pittman said during a meeting of the Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee, as reported by the News & Observer.

Well said… would be asking teachers to do more than teach….we would be asking our teachers to become armed body guards….they do not teach that course at university and how much more in their paychecks to do so?

In short a lame ass idea.

24 thoughts on “Arming Teachers?

  1. Owning guns in the US is a HOBBY. The NRA is a Hobby organization. They aren’t crusaders for constitutional rights. They aren’t a well trained, well regulated militia. They’re a bunch of people with a HOBBY who think they have more rights then the children who die for no reason at all. They think that a little NRA collateral damage is OK so long as they get to play with there assault toys. Does anyone know of another HOBBY that defies regulation and can get large numbers of children killed at a moments notice for no reason at all. This has to end!

  2. Arming teachers is one of the craziest ideas I have ever heard. If a school had 30 teachers, then that is 30 more guns actually inside the school already. Just insane!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. The idea of arming teachers is straight up idiocy. If teachers had guns in my day, I know about a dozen kids who wouldn’t have made it to year end. And if I were a teacher with a gun, not one of my students would make it to the end of the school day.

    Even if the perpetrator didn’t always has the advantage and that having more people with guns wandering around makes it more difficult on 1st responders…the whole concept is still stupid. Nobody would demand teachers serve school lunches, or mop hallways. Why demand they become security guards? If you “need” security guards, shouldn’t they devote 100% of their time to…providing security…instead of wasting time teaching children? Giving walkie-talkies to teachers so they can talk directly to security guards if need be is a much more productive idea than giving them weapons that they probably have no training with and probably don’t even want.

    But unless you want to turn every school into a Super-max prison….To paraphrase Bill O’Reilly, “Kids getting shot is just the price of Freedom.” Besides, you can always make more of ’em..

    1. My problem is that not everybody is capable of confronting a shooter….the walkie-talkies is an excellent idea…more guns is an idiots pursuit….chuq

      1. Exactly! This “everyone can confront a shooter” nonsense is exactly the kind of “thinking” that results from a lifetime of watching stupid action movies.

        A gun just accidentally falls into some ordinary schmuck’s hand and suddenly they’re a member of Seal Team 6, taking out armed bad guys, left & right. It’s as ludicrous as thinking surveillance cameras stop crime when all they do is take pictures of things that are/have happened. But watching 3 hours a night of TV murders being solved by surveillance video makes people think that everyone is out to kill them and that cameras prevent crime. So they slap them on their houses and think that -because they didn’t get murdered last night- the cameras kept them safe. I’m sure that after a couple weeks of watching the Winter Olympics, a lot of people will think you can just slap skis on somebody, push them down the hill and they’ll win at least a bronze medal.

        Granted, with today’s weapons, any fucktard can mow down a bunch of motherfuckers. But only when THEY’RE the aggressor with a plan & the element of surprise. Not the unsuspecting victim. The advantage is ALWAYS with the attacker. Confronting a shooter requires so many elements to be in place.

        1) You must NOT be the 1st person shot. It’s not a shooting until somebody gets shot. And if you’re there, it could be you. If you’re shot in the first salvo, you could be Rambo and ain’t nothing you can do. A teacher/principal will almost ALWAYS be the first person shot in a school shooting and will be the first target in each & every classroom. Right off the bat, that minimizes response time. Better to give the gun to loner in the back corner…if he isn’t the one doing the shooting already.

        2) You have to have more than just The Right Stuff You have to grasp the situation. Where’s the shooting coming from? Who’s doing the shooting? How many are there? Fight, or flight? Can we escape? Only then does “ability to confront” even come into it. Most people don’t have it. Some only have it sometimes. Most only have it with significant, ongoing, training AND the willingness to sacrifice themselves (Self-sacrifice? Wat Dat?)

        The stupid ideas Hollywood spoon feeds us every night in their mind-numbing, profit-motivated, Lowest Common Denominator, entertainment…only makes us prone to believing in other stupid ideas.

      2. Exactly movies like Death Wish and Punisher make us thinking we are all that and in reality we are just a scared little kid no matter the age….chuq

      3. But to be fair to Death Wish…the Bronson original because there were many lessor sequels and (for some fucking reason) they’ve actually REMADE it! I’m sure the new one is 100,000 times worse.

        Er…anyway…You at least got to see the journey “down the hole” that Bronson’s character went through. You saw the character’s legitimate motivation and some internal conflict. And before he picked up the (now laughable) gun, you saw the sweat on his brow as he took on muggers with…socks full of quarters!!! And this was considered plausible back when (& where) such crime was FAR more prevalent & out-of-control than today! Hmm…fewer guns with less firepower allowed ordinary guys to take on muggers. Hmm. (Better not say that out loud.)

        You just don’t get “artistic stuff” like that in today’s films..even some of what passes as the more “artsy” ones….Oh! And you get to see rookie actor Jeff Goldbloom’s bony, naked, teenage ass playing one of the perpetrators of the crime that put Bronson over the edge. Laughing at him alone is worth seeing it again.

      4. The Punisher is an interesting “super hero”…..these types of movies give idiots something to think about and usually they mke the wrong choice…..chuq

  4. 33 years high school teacher Miami. I have seen a lot of violence. I would not want to be a teacher with a gun though. I do think there needs to be an armed presence though to stop an active shooter immediately.

    1. That’s a lot of years, sir. I “taught” a high school class as a guest.. one class.. and I could hardly contain myself from laughing at all the visual boredom I was seeing as I was talking. I so remembered those days. I understood what they were going through. 🙂 You stuck it out for 33 years.. which means you had a gift.

  5. I can’t believe this has gone from some tweet that crops up after each shooting to something gaining national traction as an actual possible “solution.” We’re freaking insane if we actually implemented this–guns in the classroom? You know how big some of these kids are? I’m 5’6″ and if I was back in the classroom and armed, most of my students would be able to knock me down and disable me in a moment, and I’d probably be the first casualty.

    Besides, even if they passed it and some teachers were armed and some weren’t, and people knew who were armed, then that would mean the person who came in to shoot probably knows who has a weapon, and they’ll be the first ones taken out!

    1. This is an idea we get from an amateur president…..a person that has never had to deak with reality his whole life and a group whose sole purpose is to sell more guns…. lame ass idea chuq

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