Mitt–Just Like A Bad Penny

Orin Hatch, the greatest senator of a lifetime (sarcasm), senator from Utah will have someone step into his senatorial shoes….most likely it will be Mitt Romney…..remember him?  Sure you do!  He is the one that thinks 48% of us Americans are worthless lie-arounds……..

Anyway the next election in Utah…….

Mitt Romney and President Trump have traded their share of insults in the past, but they appear ready to let bygones be bygones: Trump endorsed Romney’s Senate run Monday night, tweeting that the 2012 Republican nominee “will make a great Senator and worthy successor” to Sen. Orrin Hatch and has his “full support and endorsement,” the Salt Lake Tribune reports. In response, Romney tweeted: “Thank you Mr. President for the support. I hope that over the course of the campaign I also earn the support and endorsement of the people of Utah.” Romney said in 2016 that Trump was a “phony” and he wouldn’t vote for him, and Trump reportedly urged the 83-year-old Hatch to seek another term to keep Romney out of the Senate

Trump and Romney appeared to have buried the hatchet after the 2016 election but there were a few clashes in 2017, with Romney criticizing Trump on issues including immigration and Trump accusing Romney of choking “like a dog” in 2012, Politico reports. Romney, who is expected to easily win the GOP nomination in Utah, didn’t attack Trump when he formally announced the bid last week, though he did make it clear that he has a different view of immigration. “Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world,” he said. “Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion.” (During his campaign, Trump said Romney would have “dropped to his knees” for his endorsement.)

Will Mitt be a voice of moderation in the Senate or will he be one of the cowards that will sign off of everything Trump wants?  Will Mitt be a true conservative or  knee pad Trumpite?

We have seen how easily Mitt will change his stands to win elections.  Has anything changed?


8 thoughts on “Mitt–Just Like A Bad Penny

  1. ONLY 48% of us are “worthless lay-arounds”? Damn, Mitt really is a hopeless optimist. Dude needs to update his stats, pronto. (Insert obligatory Millennial insult here.)

      1. You damn lay-around, you!

        But seriously, even the majority of the (decreasingly) employed population can also be accurately described as “worthless lay-arounds”. Rome has been burning for a while now, but they’re disconnected from everything but the latest celeb Twit Zone beef and contributing almost nothing to society. If they could avoid taxes the way The Riches do, their only contribution would be their mindless consumerism and the production of future mindless consumers.

        With regard to Mitt himself…As Bill MAher recently said, (loose quote) “I donated a million bucks to defeat this guy 5 years ago. Now I’m glad to see him return to politics. What does that say about how bad things have gotten?”


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