Dark Side Of The Olympics

In case my reader is unaware…..the 23rd Olympics is in full swing (the  US is not doing so well)….one of the more popular events of the Olympics is figure skating (I had rather watch Curling)…..but this sport has a darker side (not the same as the darker side of gymnastics)…..eating disorders…..

Figure skating….all the beauty and grce hides some ugly side effects…..

The figure skating competition has grabbed headlines at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

However, two competitors who made huge impact four years ago are absent from the Games.

US skater Gracie Gold, 18 at the Sochi Olympics four years ago, seemed destined for bigger things after winning team bronze, while 15-year-old Russian skater Yulia Lipnitskaya dazzled the crowds with her flexibility, grace and technique on the way to gold.

But due to eating disorders, both have quit the sport permanently.


Not something they want to hype for the games for it may dampen the enthusiasm for the games.  That is the ugliness……image is more important the sport.

Doping is not the worse thing that could happen to a competitor.

Body image is a real problem apparently….I even heard an announcer comment that one of the curlers had to lose 30 lbs if he wanted to be on the team….really?  You have to have 6 pack abs to slide a stone down the ice?

10 thoughts on “Dark Side Of The Olympics

  1. This may seem trivial, but this is one of the many reasons why I hate “judged sports”. I don’t really consider anything a sport where the opinion of judges determine the winner. Oddly enough, judged sports get “judgey”. And appearance often outstrips skill. That’s the perfect environment for a teenage girl (and what the fuck are teenagers doing at such high level, high profile, sports anyway?) to pick up an eating disorder.

    But “Gracie Gold”? Wasn’t she one of the “Gold Sisters” of 80’s TV fame? I know Tracey Gold was a big star on Growing Pains and she also had a major eating disorder. Hell, I’d have to look it up, but I think she even did a TV movie about figure skating. That’s a little…Too Close For Comfort, if you ask me. (Couldn’t resist a 80’s TV pun.)

    As for curling…As a pre-500 Channel Universe Canuck, I grew up having no other choice but to watch. Watching it today is just too depressing. What has happened to the sport I remember is beyond shameful. Curlers? Getting told they’re “too fat”??? When I was a kid, most curlers not only had “beer guts”, they’d often swig some of said beer during televised championship tournaments! They used to used REAL corn brooms that made killer sounds. Now they have fake, characterless brooms they hardly ever use. They used to wear specialty-made, super-cool, wool “curling sweaters” with crests on them. Today, they wear generic, plastic, bullshit with manufacturer’s logos and ads all over them…the ice, the tournament name, etc. At least you don’t see that at the Olympics…yet.

    Image is everything, because image is used to sell products. And that’s unfortunately what sport has descended to. Thus these images have to be protected.

    1. What’s next? Darters are too fat? The whole body image thing is just pathetic…..I also do not like “judged” sports…..either they make the longest jump o not but style points? I noticed watching Darts on the tube that they have sponsors labels everywhere shameful….chuq

      1. That’s a VERY good comparison. Darts are probably the British equivalent of curling. Fat guys swilling beer and playing a mildly athletic sport centred around a target, but isn’t about hitting the bulls-eye. Easy to mock, but still weirdly entertaining. I was also a big darts fan as a kid. (“One hundred and foooorty!”) But even marginal sports like these aren’t off the Mad Men’s radar screen. Those rat-fuckers just have to sodomize everything.

        I’ve always wondered why corporations think spending millions to slap their logo on playing surfaces, uniforms, buildings, etc. will pay off. The only people who notice them are the few folks left who get pissed off by them. There’s probably at least 10-20,000 cola ads in stadiums around North America. How many millions a year does it cost? Do even 10-20 people a year buy their cola because they saw said ads? Yet somehow, they all think this is a good investment.

        My local JUNIOR AMATEUR hockey team’s rink even puts ads on the steps, even ones that are never within camera range. (One game a week airs on a local cable-access channel. The broadcast probably averages 100 viewers a game, fewer than the number of step-ads.) My favourite ad is for a nuke plant that sells electricity directly to the provincial electricity grid. Nobody watching can purchase -or even refuse- their product!

        Then one day, I realized that it’s not about the negligible-if-any payoff, it’s all about marking their territory like a dog. This is the corporations’ world and we are just their fire hydrant.

      2. I was part of the Dart world back in the day…..team captain and all….I still like to chunk the pointy things…..but I did not have a sponsor…..I have noticed that in UK it is as wild as pro wrestling….with the lzaser, lights, girls and theme songs…..we even have ads on bus stop benches…..chuq

      3. And who actually “needs” a sponsor to pay for a couple boxes of darts a year and the few tanks of gas it takes to drive to events? Even cheaper than curling, a low budget sport. Broom, sweater, shoe covers.

        While this is less relevant to the topic at hand…I have months of ranting to make up for.

        My city (and probably most others) has ads on bus benches too. After 10+ years of not building ONE single new bus shelter, they spent over half a million bucks on 1,000 of the most damned uncomfortable (plastic!) benches in history. In the 10 years since, I’ve seen less than 10 people sitting in them. I’ve seen as many people sit in them and stand right back up. Even at the busiest stops, NOBODY uses them.

        The catch? A huge triangular base that’s “upstream” to car traffic that contains space for 2 ads. As if riding a bus literally wrapped in ads (even the windows are often blocked) for pawn shops & cheque cashing places wasn’t bad enough…you still have to sit outside in the rain because only a couple actual bus shelters have been built since…in a posh subdivision where only the servants take the bus. Riders are nothing more than the guys waving signs on sidewalks near the malls.

        Shittiest service imaginable! The only money they spend on it comes from other levels of government. Oh, and did I mention they recently spent a million bucks installing surveillance cameras to watch the smiles of joy on every passenger’s face? This in the same year they dropped several bus routes, closed an expensive new bus station AND upped ticket prices. Fucking geniuses!

        (I need to call it a day now, before I stroke out.)

      4. I appreciate you decided to use IST for he ants….makes for interesting comments that I appreciate….our buses are pretty much the same as you mentioned…..lessen routes to pay for cameras….have a good evening…..chuq

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