Fighters To The Right, Fighters To The Left

If you are a foreign policy wonk then you already know about the Turkey-US mash up….if not then maybe I should try to catch you up a bit….

The Turks have had a hard on for the Kurds for decades…..they have gone to great lengths to kill all Kurds possible…..and so far Turkey has made little progress in ridding themselves of their Kurd problem… now that Syria is pretty much rid of the ISIS blight they have once again given the Kurds their full attention.

Turkey has warned the US and the US has warned Turkey…..this little war will be good for no one involved….a report by a group known as the International Crisis Group has issued a paper……

The battle is likely to prove indecisive and costly for both sides. It is already a tremendous headache for Washington, their mutual ally, and putting huge strain on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)-member Turkey’s relations with the U.S. Unless all involved adjust their strategies, including a return to a broader peace process in the PKK’s decades-old insurgency in Turkey, it may also prove a sign of worse to come.

There is one aspect of this little war that few have considered, at least those that are reporting on this war……

A new video emerged online showing a number of international “volunteers” who have recently arrived in northwestern Syria. While Syria has been attracting foreign fighters for some time, the new arrivals have shown up with an eye toward joining the Kurds in their fight against invading Turkey.

The men talk of fighting the “Turkish fascist state,” and it’s unsurprising that this is the case. Turkey and the Kurds are, after all, both massively polarizing issues internationally, particularly across Europe.

Turkey’s Erdogan government has long styled the Kurdish YPG as terrorists on par with ISIS, but has also run afoul of most of the governments in Europe, picking diplomatic fights on a regular basis using excessively hostile rhetoric.

This new Turkish War against the Kurds could rapidly expand across 25% of Syria, and with it, there is the potential to attract another massive influx of foreign fighters, whether Turkish nationalists keen to fight the Kurds, or those who sympathize with Kurdish ambitions for autonomy and see Turkey as a major regional aggressor.


Making the world safe… war at a time.


3 thoughts on “Fighters To The Right, Fighters To The Left

  1. The irony is that the USA is technically supporting both sides. With Turkey a NATO member, and the Kurds still fighting ISIS. It cannot end well, that’s for sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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