What The Hell Congress?

For 20+ years I have been bitching about the Congress and the cut-throat do-nothing body that gets paid for the terrible job they do.

I am not alone even my right wing, Trump supporting brethren sees the same problems as this old hippie liberal.

The media is also finally starting to call a turd a turd when they write and comment about the actions of the Congress.

Congress is a mess. It seems incapable of passing major legislation; it is divided by bitter animosities, held in almost universal contempt, and without an apparent plan to right itself. So goes the conventional wisdom, and, as of early 2018, it is mostly right.

But saying that Congress is troubled is very different from offering a clear direction for reform. Strikingly few people — including among our elected officials themselves — have a strong sense of what Congress’s institutional identity ought to be, or can say what a functional Congress ought to do in our 21st-century constitutional system. Taking up a long intellectual tradition running back through Woodrow Wilson, many intelligent observers have become convinced that Congress is obsolete, and the best thing it could do is just get out of the way.


The people see the problem and they still cannot break their addiction to bad governance and change the nature of the Congress.


8 thoughts on “What The Hell Congress?

    1. I totally agree as do most Americans and yet they are there for forever….I also think that they should not become a lobbyist for 7 years after leaving Congress……hope you have a good Monday….chuq

  1. Well, that is similar to here in Germany. I often have the question in my mind for what those people in the German Bundestag are paid for, it is certainly not for acting for the benefits of our people…

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