“Stormy” Weather

Of course this is a post about Donald Trump…..have you noticed that his supporters are just like their man crush….they are bullies, self-centered and damn right boring……just like the president……but let’s move on….by now you have heard more than you want to know about Trumpy Bear’s(registered trademark) sex life.

There is so much more and more important of a story than the sleazy side of sex…..can you remember the evangelicals and their shaping of Repub politics?

This scandal-in-waiting shows more than Trump’s sexual tastes…..it illustrates that those evangelicals that have been so front and centered in GOP politics can NO longer claim to hold the moral high ground.
Donald Trump is a man without any discernible redeeming qualities, but nonetheless I’m grateful for one thing he’s done, without really trying: He has exposed the true nature of the Christian right. For more than a decade now, I’ve been diligently writing and researching, trying to build the case that the religious right is not motivated by moral values, but by hatred of women and LGBT people — and that many of them are white supremacists, to boot. And then here comes Trump, bragging about how he likes to “grab them by the pussy” and spreading racist propaganda, and sweeps up 80 percent of the white evangelical vote, more than true-believer George W. Bush got in 2004.
I can say that I never thought I would live to see the day when evangelicals make excuses for perverted actions of a politician…..
Personally I never thought these evangelicals held the moral high ground but they were given that title by the media and self-serving Christians that never live by Christian beliefs.

17 thoughts on ““Stormy” Weather

  1. I can’t get too excited about prostitutes and politicians. That story has been going on ever since politics was invented. I would only be surprised if they didn’t do it. 🙂 At least it wasn’t an underage boy, which seems to be the thing in the UK…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Ah.. to be young again and a potential target for abuse! Isn’t life grand.
    Even before it became trendy, my mother would have these doubts for my safety as I got up each morning.. 7 days a week.. at 6am to deliver the newspaper (Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times) on my assigned route, in the early 60’s. Nowadays no parent in their right mind would send their kid out to do that.

      1. Oh very true. In fact, this last Halloween I told the other half.. she was going to drop the candy to the little tykes because… I didn’t want to be an older guy standing at the open door dropping candy into the little kids’ bags… and the parents scoping me out for lust in my eyes or suspecting I was dropping tainted goodies into their bags. We live in trying times, chuq.

      2. Perhaps it’s the greater difficulty with simply trying to be a man in a world where men are being morally assaulted.. what with women exposing all male improprieties, abuses, and outright sexual assaults against them, abuses of adult males onto young males and females (thank you Catholic church), the constant having to be aware of situations where you as a male could end up casually being in a compromising position of simply being in the presence of children or even a single adult woman.
        I work as a security guard at a local county children & family services office.. their jobs being, of course, separating parents from their children. I am often lamenting with the professional staff here to not leave these children in the lobby with only me as the adult in the room to watch them, even it’s a few minute bathroom run. 1. I am not qualified as a social worker.. and 2. I do NOT wish to be placed alone with kids who could be so emotionally shifted that may or may not try to “report the old security guard” for kicks and grins. Because we all know the court of public opinion always wins.

      3. All that is true….I often think about my past in the bar biz…..I can think of several situations that could be one of those incidents ghat you describe…..while they were basically innocent in today’s world they could be catastrophic ……chuq

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