The “Schlieffen Plan”

I would guess that 1 in 10 Americans know what I mean by the title……and I would guess 6 in 10 Europeans will know the name.

And yes I am gonna shove a little history at you with this post…..

The Schlieffen Plan was Germany’s grand plan that started World War One……they were not alone with a grand plan…France, Austro-Hungary and Russia all had a plan in case of war…..all options were on the table (sound familiar?)……

Ever since Germany had inflicted defeat upon France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, the major nations of Europe had busied themselves with plans for the next war, seen by many as inevitable given the conflicting ambitions of the major powers; which, in the case of France, included the repossession of Alsace and Lorraine, both lost to Germany as a consequence of the Franco-Prussian War.

Much is made of the German Schlieffen Plan and, to a lesser extent, the French Plan XVII.  But what of Austria-Hungary’s Plan B and Russia’s Plan 19?  This article details the primary aims of each of these plans, and discusses the rationale behind them.

There is always a grand plan that seldom goes as predicted and World War One was no exception…..


5 thoughts on “The “Schlieffen Plan”

  1. I think the original plan might have worked. But once they dug the first trench, it all went to pot.
    What amazes me is that the French still thought they wouldn’t attack through Belgium, in 1939. They had done the same thing 25 years earlier, so it was a safe bet that if it worked once, they would try it again.
    Nobody ever leans from history, that’s a fact!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I figured you would comment and you may we;ll be the only comment I get…..most of the ‘allies’ were set up for defense and that played into the hands of a stalemate….the US is a prime example that we never learn from our adventuism….chuq

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