Trump’s Biggest Problem Is The Future

It is no secret that I found a few things in Trump’s foreign policy rhetoric that I could get behind….the problem is that he did not hold true to his promises.

As a matter of fact he, Trump, has been a disaster to American foreign policy…..and he has steadily gotten worse even after he hired every general that would sign on the dotted line….Trump’s biggest foreign policy problem is the future…..

Perhaps most importantly, they praise the president for not following through on the most dramatic moves he floated during the campaign, such as starting a trade war with China, killing the family members of suspected terrorists, or withdrawing security commitments to eastern Europe.

Abandoning bad ideas isn’t much of an achievement, and I don’t think the president made the right call on Paris, the Iran deal, or Jerusalem (and even if he did, the executions were poor). However, his Syria policy has gone reasonably well considering the mess he inherited, and his administration deserves some of the credit for the successful three-year campaign against ISIS.

WE can only hope that he will pull his head out of his ass in his second year….but I am not holding my breath…..are you?

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Biggest Problem Is The Future

  1. I don’t hold out much hope for any radical changes in policy. It feels like all the jigsaw pieces are scattered on the table, and nobody can find a straight edge to get started.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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