‘Beyond Your Imagination’

We have heard what everybody involved thinks about the chances if there is a war after all the rhetoric….a war on the Korean Peninsula…..

Is The US preparing for a war?

Adding to reports in recent days of growing Pentagon training operations in the US aimed at preparing for an attack on North Korea, House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) has confirmed “very serious” training is indeed underway.

Rep. Thornberry says the administration is looking closely at what sort of preparedness they’ll need to engage in long-threatened “military options when it comes to North Korea.” This would be an attack, though recent reports have indicated the US believes they can get away with a limited attack that would lead to something short of full-scale nuclear war.

With reports suggesting that a sneak attack on North Korea is also being contemplated in the next couple of months, the shift in training seems to be away from very high-profile exercises right on the border, toward less publicized exercises within the US focusing on specific preparedness for the attack.


A retired South Korean general has his say…..

For anyone encouraged by North Korea’s slight softening toward the South, Chun In-bum essentially dumps a bucket of cold water it. The retired South Korean general, who the Financial Times reports led his country’s special forces, spoke to a London-based think tank Wednesday and outlined exactly what American forces would encounter should we decide to bloody the country’s nose—or something more significant. He doesn’t mince words: “I try to explain to the Americans—if we have to go into North Korea, … it’s not going to be like toppling [Saddam) Hussein]. This would be more like trying to get rid of Allah.” He describes the country as “one huge barracks” and the population as militarized far beyond the [West’s] imagination.

“A 14-year-old child in North Korea probably gets more than 100 hours of military training a year,” the Times of London quotes Chun as saying. “By age 14, a child knows how to fire an AK47, fire an RPG, throw a grenade, pitch a tent and march 24 hours.” And even things that may seem promising on their face—the North’s estimated 1,000 fighter jets are aged—aren’t, per Chun, who says those planes would be used kamikaze-style, USA Today reports. And there’s not just the physical battlefield to contend with, per the Brisbane Times: “North Korean cyber capability is right below nuclear capability in terms of threat,” says Chun. He also describes an extreme system designed to root out any dissent, whereby the country’s families are grouped in units, and if one person “misbehaves, the entire five or 10 families go to the gulag or are executed. So everybody spies on everybody else.”

Everybody has their opinions about the outcome of any armed conflict in the region…..and most all seldom take the South Korean population into consideration…..the thing to remember if there is a shooting war then the first causalities will be the people of SK….the US has little to worry about in the first hours of a conflict.  The people of SK will pay a hefty price for the conflict…..

4 thoughts on “‘Beyond Your Imagination’

  1. I think it would be unthinkable for the US to act alone, without full cooperation from South Korea.
    On top of that, I really don’t see the need for any attacks at all.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Not to forget they allegedly are the manufacturers of a super $100 bill that is as good as or better than the real deal, and they could deal our economy a blow with those.

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