Do You Understand The Twitter Use?

The man that has given the social media gizmo a purpose….Trump and the use of Twitter……There are many many opinions on why he is so prolific in using the social media…..some say it is how he relates to his followers…..others think it is something different….

Over the past two years, Trump’s Twitter habits have been honed and polished into an art form. And really, he is a master at it. Maybe after Mueller takes him down, he can write “The Art of the Tweet.” Until then, Americans will continue to reel from unfiltered posts like his most recent threats to North Korea and play the absurd game of trying to tell if our lives are immediately under threat or not.

But one scholar of linguistics and philosophy has masterfully deciphered the strategy behind Trump’s tweets, and it’s just the tool we need going into 2018.

Berkeley professor George Lakoff posted a master key to classifying Trump’s tweeting method this week, and it’s blown up on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media and Trump has shown just how can be used to brainwash a low mentality audience.


8 thoughts on “Do You Understand The Twitter Use?

  1. The use of Twitter has been your president’s trump card, no pun intended. Understanding how to use this short social media to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the general public is inspired. I think the trend that he has set will eventually be copied by many other world leaders, and aspiring ones too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I thought it was a lazy method for him to dispense cheap shots and cater to the crowds, to say “see how hard I’m working,” but he can do it with a character limit so they don’t realize how little he’s really saying. A bunch of nothing…nothing good.

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