And The Money Poured Down Like Rain

The House where all money bills are settled has given the Pentagon a blank check, well almost, for more endless wars and such to the tune of $700 billion…that is billion with a “B”….

In a bipartisan show of support for endless war and out-of-control military spending, the House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the nearly $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 that aims to boost war outlays by $80 billion

The final vote tally was 357-70, with 127 Democrats throwing their support behind the bill. Sixty-seven Democrats—including Reps. Barbara Lee of California, Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and John Conyers of Michigan—voted against the legislation.

In addition to providing cash for 90 F-35 jets—20 more than President Donald Trump requested—the measure also approves more than $12 billion for the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, a massive boost in funding that comes amid soaring tensions between the United States and North Korea.

As the Associated Pressnotes, the legislation additionally “includes money for as many as 28 additional Ground-Based Interceptors, which are anti-missile missiles that would be launched from underground silos in Alaska in the event the U.S. decided to try to shoot down a North Korean missile heading toward the United States. The interceptors are designed to directly hit the enemy missile outside the Earth’s atmosphere, obliterating it by the force of impact.”

The House vote sets the stage for the Senate to debate the legislation shortly after Thanksgiving before sending it to Trump’s desk. Because the measure far exceeds the $549 billion ceiling set by the Budget Control Act, “House and Senate leaders must strike a budget deal that increases the caps in order to boost defense spending as prescribed by the bill,” Politicoreports.


Now that is a pile on money, right?

Ever wonder just how you could get a piece of this pie?

I have but since I am staunchly antiwar…it was only a fleeting thought….

But in case we are having such dreams……

When it comes to the art of the deal, at least where arms sales are concerned, American presidents, their administrations, and the Pentagon have long been Trumpian in nature. Their role has been to beat the drums (of war) for the major American weapons makers and it’s been a highly profitable and successful activity. In 2015, for instance, the U.S. once again took the top spot in global weapons sales, $40 billion dollars of them, or a staggering 50.2% of the world market. (Russia came in a distant third with $11.2 billion in sales.) The U.S. also topped sales of weaponry to developing nations. In these years, Washington has, in fact, peddled the products of those arms makers to at least 100 countries, a staggering figure if you stop a moment to think about the violence on this planet. Internationally, in other words, the U.S. has always been an open-carry nation.

Do you realize just what that kind of cash could do for the people of this country?


4 thoughts on “And The Money Poured Down Like Rain

  1. As you know, I recently posted on Redflagflying about what could be done with the money it cost to buy one nuclear missile, ten tanks, or a single warship. The obscenity of spending on arms when children live in poverty is a world-wide one, and applies just as much to small African countries, as it does to the wealthier western powers. But it seems it will never go away, not until a real change in society is pushed through at the ballot box. And maybe not then, either…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Being #1 in anything means that you have the attention of everyone that isn’t #1. It has the potential to backfire, at least in concept, but the wealthy have a way of slipping away from finger pointing. The U.S. more closely resembles a corporation than it does a democracy. We still vote because the elite haven’t figured out a way to eliminate it.

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