“On The Road Again”

Not a commercial for Progressive motorcycle insurance….or for the rock group “Canned Heat”….this post is about what I have posting about for decades….a road to war.  An all out war or as we like to call those…World Wars.

In the past year the rhetoric from around the globe has been hinting on the most obscene action that a nation can involve itself in…..WAR!

The loudest talk has been centered around North Korea….all the rhetoric coming out of Trump’s mouth has pointed to the possibility of an armed conflict…statements like “fire and fury”, “talk is over” (paraphrase), “the calm before the storm”……so far the toughest language has been aimed directly at North Korea….there are others that are just now starting….Iran being one of those…..

Even some Congress people in the president’s party, the GOP, are starting to point out his perceived intentions…..

Top ranking Republican Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressed concerns Sunday that President Trump’s reckless threats toward other counties “could set the nation on the path to World War III.”

Corker said that top administration officials are constantly trying to protect Trump from his own interests, and much of the work of today’s White House is “a situation of trying to contain him.”

Corker went on to say Trump’s irresponsible outbursts should be concerning to all Americans, and that he’s treating the presidency like it’s a reality television show. He also said Trump’s Twitter outbursts have in several instances harmed diplomatic efforts of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.


Sen. Corker is NOT alone….Sens. Graham and McCain have voiced some concern in their own way.

Most everyone that knows me know that I am not a supporter of Donald Trump…and during the campaign I did find some of this stated policies that I could agree with…but since taking office I cannot find an area where he and I agree.

Do I think that the president wants war?

His rhetoric appears thus….but I believe that it is moire that he has NO idea to handle the situation in North Korea and the growing one in Iran.

This war-like rhetoric is the only way he, Trump, knows how to address the deteriorating situations.


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